6 Gross Things That Happen To Your Body When You Don’t Shower

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a busy week, so, to save time, you skip a shower.  Then two. Then three. The filth is part of you now, you figure. You’ve mastered it–or, at least, that’s what you think. In reality? Not to be crude, but, uh, it’s more like the filth has mastered you, girl.

Now, at some point in your life, you may have heard that showering too often can have some pretty negative effects on the body, like drying out the skin and potentially causing skin infections as a result. And this is true! But this doesn’t mean that you should skip showering as a whole. In fact, once you hear what can happen when you don’t shower, you’ll probably want to jump in the bath, like, ASAP. So, check out these things that can happen to your body when you skip a few showers:


Your Skin Will Become Damaged

In addition to causing acne, skipping showers can cause some pain and irritation on the skin all over the body, like eczema. If you go a super long time without showering, your skin can also form a layer of brownish plaque, called dermatitis neglecta, which is caused when oil, sweat, and bacteria sit on the skin for too long. So, uh, if you notice a brown film settling over your skin? That's a pretty good sign that it's time to hop in the shower.

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You Can Get Skin Infections

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the layers of sweat, fungus, and bacteria can cause skin infections, particularly if there are some abrasions on the skin. This is because skipping showers upsets the layers of "good" and "bad" bacteria on the skin, making it easier for the bad bacteria to overtake the better bacteria and cause germs to spread. So, if you have any painful sores or rashes on your skin, see a doctor. And take a shower, probably.

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Bacteria Festers On Your Skin

If you don't bathe regularly, various forms of bacteria and fungus will grow on your skin, which can potentially cause illness. Of course, your body does need some bacteria (the "good" kind), and bathing too often can strip you of this good bacteria. So, as with most things, moderation is key here--if you hop in the shower every day or two, you'll be just fine. Otherwise, you can look forward to some bacteria growth on your skin.

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You'll Break Out

With all of that bacteria sitting on your skin, it's unsurprising that some of it can clog your pores. This is especially true if you do something that causes you to add some sweat to the mix, like working out or running around on a warm day. Of course, showering isn't always possible immediately after you get sweaty. And that's fine! Just make sure you have some tools to deal with it. If you're wearing sweaty workout clothes, try to change out of them ASAP, even if a shower isn't available. Or, you can try carrying wipes around with you to mop up after getting sweaty. And, even if you can't shower right before bed, if you wear makeup, you need to wash it off--otherwise, you're pretty much guaranteed a few breakouts.

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You'll Smell

I mean, duh. But this smell isn't just sweat, as you might suspect. Rather, the bacteria that collects on the body when you skip some showers can actually create a cocktail of 30 different scents, which are emitted from the body in the form of a gas. This contributes to the particular funky BO scent that happens when someone doesn't shower for a while.

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Your Hair Will Get Super Smelly

There is some debate as to how often, exactly, one should wash their hair. Some say every day, others say every other day, and others say, like, once a week. Max. The exact amount you wash your hair depends on your own personal preferences, but you should try to do it at least twice a week. Washing too often can dry out your scalp and cause it to become dry and flaky, but under-washing will cause a lot of irritation, since the bacteria that collects on your skin can also collect on your head, causing many of the same negative effects. And, if you work out a lot, try to wash your hair every time you feel sweat collecting on your head. Otherwise, your scalp will feel itchy, greasy, and smelly.

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