7 Red Flags That It’s Time To Finally Break Up With Your High School Boyfriend

So, you tried to do it. You ignored all the skeptics and cynics who told you it wouldn’t work and you listened to your heart instead: The love between you and your high school boyfriend is too strong to let some long miles get in the way. You two agreed to continue your relationship in college–high school sweethearts keeping the dream alive at all costs. And at first, it was working out just fine! You two texted as much as ever, you Facetimed almost every night, and you made plans to visit each other over long breaks and weekends. Everything was doing just great…until it wasn’t.

Lately, you’ve been feeling a little more uncertain about whether or not to maintain your high school relationship. You might still care for them–like, a lot–but that doesn’t mean that keeping this old flame alive is best for you or him. It’s time to be real with yourself and check out these seven red flags that it’s time to finally break up with your high school boyfriend. I know, I know, rough topic, but you clicked on this article for a reason, sis.

Visits Low Key Suck Now

Once upon a time, visiting each other at your respective colleges was so exciting. Now? Hanging out IRL just isn't the same. In fact, it kind of sucks and just doesn't give you the thrill you used to have. If you're hanging out with your high school boyfriend all weekend--perhaps seeing him for the first time in weeks or months--and you'd rather be anywhere else...it's time to end your relationship. Period.

Freaks And Geeks

You Get Super Paranoid Whenever You See Another Girl In Their Snaps, Liking Their Social Media Posts, Etc

Long distance relationships aren't for everyone, especially people who are easily jealous. Own up: Are you that type of person? You might not think so, but consider: Do you get incredibly paranoid if you so much as see another girl in his Snapchats or Instagram stories? Do you have to investigate every girl who likes his Facebook statuses? Do you call him up and ask who this girl and that girl is? Uh, yeah, you're not cut out for a long distance relationship, especially if you're losing trust in someone you've been dating since you were a teenager. In fact, your behavior might be pushing your boyfriend away more than anything else. Maybe it's time for you two to agree to break up for now.

Broad City

You Guys Don't Text, Facetime, Or Call Each Other Like You Used To

Early on, you two were super enthusiastic about texting, Facetiming, and even calling each other. The sound of his voice on the other end of the phone made you feel all gooey, in a good way. Now? You can't wait to get off the phone. Now? You pretend you didn't see him trying to Facetime you. Now? Hell, even he's taking his dear sweet time responding to your texts. Maybe this bored feeling is more mutual than you thought.

Bye Bye Birdie

You Feel Too Busy For A Relationship

Lately, you've been rationalizing a lack of intimacy with your high school boyfriend due to college stress. This could very well be true: Some people really can't give their all to a relationship if they're too overwhelmed by other commitments, and college is a big commitment. But you can also end up using this excuse even when you're not actually that busy. You're ignoring his texts because you have to study...even though you're feeling confident about the exam. You're rescheduling his visit because you want to spend more time working on an essay...even though you know you can just finish it before he arrives. Are you really too busy, or are you making excuses?

Just Another Girl On The IRT

You're More Invested Of The Idea Of The Two Of You Being Together Than Actually Being Together

The story around you and your high school boyfriend is just too good to give up on. You two are high school sweethearts! You've been together for ages, and you want to be able to make your relationship last through college, even though everyone told you you were nuts for thinking it could happen. Does this sound familiar? Yeah, uh, you're mythologizing your relationship as a coping mechanism for realizing that it's slowly, but surely, dying. A relationship is more than just a good story, and it needs to be way more than that if it's going to survive.


You've Been Close To Cheating Already

And you kind of hate yourself for it. You were super close to making out with some guy at a party, or you considered telling some guy you've been flirting with that you're single. This is getting into dangerous territory. Out of respect to your boyfriend and your conscious, it would be way better to just break up with them than cheat on them. Period. Even if you're not physically cheating, if you're sending intense text messages and doing pretty much everything but making out with someone who isn't your boyfriend...you know what you have to do, sis.

Fresh Meat

You See A Lot Of BF Potential In The Dudes In Your Immediate Vicinity

Sure, you like a lot of things about your high school boyfriend, but you're not gonna lie: Now that you're in college, you have access to loads more guys who are just as cute and smart as your BF, if not more so. It's one thing to think that other guys are attractive, it's another to actively fantasize about what it would be like to date that guy you always talk to in your dorm, or that cool guy in your philosophy class who you know is single because you've done a thorough search of their social media for even a hint of a girlfriend. Yeah, see, when you're doing all that...your mind is wandering. If you don't just break up with your high school boyfriend now, you might end up advancing to infidelity.

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