7 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Won’t Text You Back

Have you ever wondered how people communicated in the old days before cell phones or even phones and electricity? Way back when, they had to talk to their various suitors via either in person or through letters. And then they would have to wait days or possibly even weeks for a reply. It must have been pretty difficult when we think about it. But as great as all of today’s technology is, has it made communicating easier? Not exactly.

We can now FaceTime, send texts, send videos, and send photos with us barfing rainbows and wearing cartoon dog ears, but the thing is that, sometimes, all the technology in world still cannot get bae to actually respond. Not even the phone updates marking “message read” can do that. Ugh.

It’s frustrating if your SO won’t respond, especially when we spent ages crafting the perfect text message with the right winking emoji then bae just leaves you hanging. Since most of us cannot come right out and ask bae what’s the deal with the no reply, I’ve rounded up some possible reasons to explain bae’s lack of response. Take a look at seven reasons why your boyfriend won’t text you back.

He's Not Interested

When I say bae's not interested, there are two different scenarios. The first, is that bae isn't that interested in you so he's employing a bit of ghosting in the hopes that things will ease off. I know it sucks, but it is a possibility. The second one is a bit better. It could be that bae isn't interested in the situation. Maybe dude doesn't want to send 42 texts to discuss what happened on Riverdale. He might be cool with sending five.

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He Feels You're Being Clingy

Remember, you can come across as clingy via text just the way you can in real life. Before you're wondering about why bae hasn't responded to your other message, consider how many you've been sending. If you've been sending 50 texts in the last hour, bae might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Therefore, he might not be responding because he doesn't want to deal with another 50 messages. It might be hard, but think about whether your texting routine has something to do with bae's silence.

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He Doesn't Think The Text Deserves A Reply

Are you the type of person who responds to every text that you get? Well, there are some people that feel some messages don't need a reply. Maybe bae is one of those people who doesn't need to comment on a comment or send a smiling emoji to go with your winking one. Maybe bae's texting philosophy is to only respond if you send a question.

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He Doesn't Want To Appear Needy

Here's one for you: Maybe bae doesn't want to respond back to your texts because he's worried that he will come across as needy. You might be stressing about yourself coming across as needy that you don't even see it as a possibility, but it could actually be what's up.

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He's Genuinely Busy

I know it might seem like bae has his phone in his hand literally 24/7, but there will be times when he won't. Sometimes he won't even have it in his pocket. And sometimes he will actually shut it off. He could be trying to finish that essay, he might be at practice, or maybe he just wants to have a digital detox for an hour. There could even be a family crisis he has to deal with. Sometimes life gets in the way of texts for him, just like it does you.

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He Thought He Did

We've all been there when we're texting five different people, FaceTiming, attempting to watch Game of Thrones, and trying to order a pizza. Maybe he thought he responded to your message during all of his multitasking, but the reality is that he didn't. Or, maybe he responded to one message and is thinking that was your most recent one. If you're constantly juggling different things, you can totally understand the confusion.

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Bae Doesn't Like Texting

Most of us love texting, but maybe it's not bae's thing. Some people like to talk on the phone while others don't. Similarly, some people are all about face-to-face conversation while others prefer letters. Your SO could be the type of dude who likes conversing with you in a way that doesn't involve typing. It might be worthwhile to ask him what he likes. A phone call or FaceTime could be more his thing.

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How do you deal with bae not texting you back? Let us know in the comments!

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