13 Unique DIY IT-Inspired Costumes

In case you didn’t notice It was a pretty big movie this year. It broke records, scared the crap out of people, and, most importantly, gave us some great costume opportunities. If you didn’t see if, go out and watch it right now. If you did see it, I’m sure you’re scarred for life every time you see a clown. As if clowns weren’t scary enough, now we will be seeing them all over the streets this Halloween. And since it will be the trendiest costume of 2017, you want to do it right…right?

Even though there was an original IT  movie came out a while ago, the new movie inspires a whole slew of new and unique costume ideas that you will totally want to try. The movie takes place in the ’80s, so you get some cool ’80s vibes from the costumes. Of course, you also get a classic creepy clown vibe. Basically, this movie is filled with Halloween inspiration. The best part is that that are all super easy to pull off and you can throw most of them together in just a few minutes. If you want an easy but genius pop culture costume to wear on Halloween this year, try out an It costume.

The Losers Club

This is a good costume for you and your horror movie-loving squad. Each character has their own unique personality and look, just like you and your BFFs! Nice.



As one of the Losers Club members, Eddie has a pretty signature look - his cast and fanny pack will he a unique costume for an IT fan.



Honestly, Beverly's outfit is such a look. Not only is it a fun costume, but I would wear this beyond Halloween.


Long-Haired Beverly

If you remember, Beverly has long hair in the beginning of the movie, which would also make a cute costume.



Poor Richie had a rough time in this movie, but he still manages to look pretty cool! A button up, some fake blood and a pair of black glasses will pull this look together.



How can a yellow raincoat and red balloon be so creepy? I don't know, but it truly is. It also makes for an easy and fun Halloween costume.


Bloody Georgie

For a creepier look, go for the bloody Georgie. Same costume, just covered in blood. It's pretty spooky, guys.


Half Pennywise

Sure, a full-on Pennywise look can be tough, so just follow this person's lead and do half of your face! Half the work, but still VERY creepy.



Obviously, we can't forget the scariest costume of all- Pennywise the clown. He's pretty easy to pull off, since you just need clown makeup and a white dress.


Bloody Pennywise

If you want to get even creepier, add some fake blood to your Pennywise outfit.


Zipper Pennywise

This is a fun and spooky idea that I doubt other people will think of! Try the zipper makeup trick, and add some Pennywise makeup for a truly unique look.


Spooky Pennywise

Pennywise normally wears all white, but the yellow pants here add an extra level of creepy. Maybe it's because it looks like an evil Ronald McDonald?


Pennywise Teeth

You may or may not have noticed, but Pennywise has particularly horrible teeth. If you add them to your Pennywise costume, it will really freak people out.


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15 DIY Costumes Inspired By Scary Movies

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