8 Essential Pieces Of Advice Every Girl Must Hear Before Turning 18

By the time you reach the later stage of your teen years–as in, like, 17, 18, 19–it’s pretty normal to feel a little rudderless. You know, like, you have the vague, uneasy sensation that you (might) have a lot of potential to do…something with your life, so your life should have a little more drive and direction than it might have at the moment, but not really knowing where you want to take your theoretical potential. It’s exhausting!

Unfortunately, this rudderless feeling doesn’t go away by the time you finish being a teenager. But, fortunately, I found a question on Reddit today that reads as follows: Women 30 on up, what’s one piece of advice you’d give to your 18 year old self? This is an excellent question! I am 24, and, while I technically know more than I did when I was 18, I still find that I crave the advice of those who have lived slightly more life, and, as a result, have some wisdom to bestow. So, check out this legitimately wise, useful advice that every girl needs to hear before turning eighteen:


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