7 Spooky Sex Positions To Try This Halloween

It is that time of year where everything – and I mean everything – has to be spooky. Your nail polish, your outfit, even your personality (maybe) should all be spooky. And that’s because we have reached October, the scariest and best month of the year. Think about it – the weather is chilly, the trees are all dying, there are black cats roaming around everywhere. Okay, maybe not that last part, but you get it. It’s spooky time. And that means that you need to get a little creative in the bedroom. 

Of course, when things get spooky, it’s important to ~stay close~ with one another. And by close, I mean have sex. Picture it: you’re watching a horror movie with your bae and you both decide to get it on. Why not continue the horror movie fun by having sex in a spooky position?! Yes, I know it’s weird, but it’s also fun, so just let me have this, okay? If you want to have fun this year, check out these super spooky halloween sex positions you need to try.

Witch's Broom

I had mentioned "riding a broomstick" being a sex term a while back, but how about taking it a little more literally and actually having your guy BE the broomstick?! Have him lay down on two chairs (or, you know, a bed) and you get on top and, uh, "ride."


Great Pumpkin

So, this is just your basic 69 position, but with a cute halloween theme. Have your partner lay on their side and you lay on your side, with your mouth lining up with their genitals. Tada! You've got a spooky position you can try year-round.


The Spider

Spiders are inherently spooky, so this is a perfect position to try on all hallow's eve. It also happens to be pretty fun! Have you and your bae both sit with your legs open and bent, then get ~close~ to each other.


The Booo

For this one, you're basically just having missionary sex...but with sheets over your face. Who knows! Maybe you'll be really into the mysterious aspect of it?


Vampire Kiss

Spooky AND romantic! Have your bae stand up and you wrap one leg around them. It will be a  bit of a balancing act, but as long as your bae hold your leg, you should be good. Bonus points if they dress up as a vampire!


Trick Oral Treat

HA! This one is clever. Perform oral sex on your bae, and have them do the same for you. It's a quick and easy way to have fun so that you can get back to eating candy all night long.


The Snake

Snakes are also super spooky, don't try and tell me that they aren't. They are literally just slithering muscles! Anyway, this position is fun for both you and your bae. You lay down and have your knees bent and at your side, as your bae kneels down and grip your hips.


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