9 Little Ways To Tell If Your Vagina Is Healthy

Being healthy is a big concern for almost all of us. Newsflash: It extends far beyond avocado toast, turmeric lattes, and eating 10 different greens a day. Part of being healthy is ensuring that your body is A-okay from the inside out, and that includes your vagina.

Our bodies have little ways of telling us things. However, most of the time we’re too busy worrying about why bae didn’t text us back, finishing our English assignment, and stressing about life to properly notice them. When we do stop and tune in to them, it can help us figure out whether everything is in working order or whether there is an issue.

While there are signs that something may be amiss done below, there are also small things that indicate that your vagina is healthy and working just as it should be. Take a look at nine little ways you can tell if your vagina is healthy.

It Doesn't Hurt To Touch Down There

If it doesn't hurt to touch your vagina, that's a good sign everything is as it should be. If you feel discomfort every time you wipe, masturbate, or even sit down, you need to see what's going on. You might have cut down there, or you might have something going on internally that should be looked at.

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There Are No Bumps Or Sores

We ensure our legs and arms are okay by scanning them for sores. And it's a good idea to do the same thing with your vagina. If you notice any bumps down there, don't panic just yet because they could be ingrown hairs or pimples. You will want to get it checked out if the bumps stay there, or if they start oozing, itching, or being tender. It could indicate a STD or an infected ingrown hair.

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The Color Of Your Discharge Is Normal

First of all, having vaginal discharge is normal. It actually means that your vagina is cleaning itself. The issue is when your vagina discharge changes color. Colorless or whitish discharge is normally considered normal, but be aware of what your body normally produces. If you do notice a change in color, especially green, brown, or yellowish discharge, it could be a sign of an infection.

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It's Not Red And Inflamed

The color of everyone's vagina varies, but if your vag is red and it feels hot to the touch, that's not good. A healthy vagina can still have a pinkish or rosy color, but an inflamed touch is often a sign of infection. If you notice the color of your vagina changing, that's another sign that something is up.

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Masturbating Feels Great

Some people like masturbating, while others don't. There's nothing wrong with you if you don't like masturbating. The only time it might be a concern is if you try doing it and you don't like it because it's painful to touch your clitoris or stick a finger up there. It should be a pleasurable experience in general and not make you want to jerk your hand away.

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You Get Regular Periods

When you first start your period, things might be slightly out of wack. You might get a light period then you might not get one for a couple of months. Once you've had your period awhile, you should have a regular cycle. If it suddenly stops, something could be up. It might not even be a sign something is wrong with your vagina, it could indicate another health issue.

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Sex Feels Okay

I'm not including losing your virginity or the first few times after that in this. I'm talking about after you've been having sex awhile. If things typically feel alright down there after you hook up, that's good. Sometimes you might be a little tender after you didn't use enough lube or you *really* went for it. The issue is when it's super painful even for bae just to stick the tip in despite having sex before without problems.

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You Don't Have Problems Peeing

Remember, peeing is a part of all of the stuff your vagina does. If you don't experience any burning or pain during peeing, it's likely your vag is okay. Same goes with being able to hold your pee for a bit. If you find that it stings when you pee or it's downright uncomfortable to sit on the toilet, you will want to go see your doctor.

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You Can Insert A Tampon Without Severe Pain

Even if you haven't had sex, you should be able to insert a tampon fairly easily. It might be a bit difficult the first few times you do it, but you should be able to get it in once you relax. If you cannot even get a little tampon an inch in before you scream in pain, that's when there could be an issue. If you're experiencing the same issues with dildos, fingers, or penises, something might be up.

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How do you decide whether your vagina is healthy? Let us know in the comments!

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