15 Embarrassing Things That Happen To Everyone On Their Period

Have you ever had a period before? If so, you will know that being on your period is, in general, not all that fun. There are the cramps, the constant pad/tampon/menstrual cup maintenance, and, of course, the general knowledge that you are shedding your uterine lining through your vagina.

So, yes–if you have not had a period before, just know that the rumors are, in fact, true. Being on one’s period is not “fun” in any sense of the term, unless you are the kind of person who finds shedding their uterine lining (In a sense, it is kind of fun, since it gives you license to complain as much as you want about it. Which can be fun indeed!) But there are also a lot of things that happen during periods that can qualify as being downright embarrassing. But, hey–at least you aren’t alone. So, from accidental leakages to maybe-sorta-kinda-violent mood swings, check out these embarrassing things that happen to pretty much everyone when they’re on their period:

1. Thinking this EVERY TIME:



2. Being forced to deal with the Pee String:


3. Crying about, like, totally normal, rational things:

4. And getting upset with your close, personal friends for totally rational reasons:



5. Doing…this:



6. Having normal mood swings:



7. Experiencing a minor heart attack every time you sneeze in public:


8. Going number two:


9. Being late to important events because of the way periods impact your bowels:


10. Experiencing all of these emotions (and more, maybe) at one time:



11. Trying to play it cool with your period cramps, with varying degrees of success:

12. Getting that surprise attack period when you’re out and about:

13. Doing…this every day you’re on your period:



14. Losing track of your tampons:


15. Still, at the end of the day, it’s often the people without periods who do the embarrassing things. You’ll be just fine!

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