9 Little Ways To Make Yourself Happier Every Day

As you may or may not know, today is World Mental Health Day. This is a day where it’s important for us to talk about how important mental health is. It often goes overlooked, which can be pretty sucky for people who are struggling. So today is a day where we can openly talk about it and help each other out! Obviously, if you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, getting professional help is the best thing you can do. It’s really important for yo to take care of yourself!

I will admit that I have had anxiety and depression for the last ten years of my life and it is NOT fun! But, the more we talk about it, the easier it is to help each other out when we are struggling. So, I want to help you guys out! Even if you are considered mentally healthy, we all have bad days that bring us down. Luckily, there are some tiny things that MIGHT help when it comes to cheering yourself up. Yes, these might not work, but they are worth a shot! If you want to try and be in a better mood, try these tiny ways to make yourself feel better.

Make Your Bed

Okay, this sounds silly, but it works: if you make your bed, you are less likely to sit and sulk in it. I know that when I get sad, I sit in bed and feel worse. If you make your bed, not only will you feel more inclined to do things, but it will also make your room look a little cleaner, which is good!

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Drink Water

This is the most basic thing you can do, but I promise it will help you feel better! I know that saying "drink water!!!"is such a silly thing to say, but dehydration can really make you feel worse when you're already feeling bad. So, be sure you're drinking enough water.

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Text A Friend

The worst thing to do when you're feeling bad is to be alone. You might want to be alone, but reaching out to friends can actually be a really good idea. Even if it's just to say hi! Text someone to let them know you are thinking of them.

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Get Off Social Media

Honestly, every time I back off social media, I feel a lot better. You might too! Once you stop focusing on likes and retweets, you will feel a little bit better about yourself. Yes, social media is fun and super important! But spending too much time on there can really ruin your mood.

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Make A Playlist Of Girl Power Songs

This is my go-to when I'm feeling off. I have playlists for every single mood. When I want to feel happy, I listen to my girl power playlist or my "TBT" playlist. It instantly makes me happy!

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Light A Candle

Certain scents can make you feel ~relaxed~ and at ease, which is important when you're feeling down! If you want an instant mood boost, try lighting a lavender or vanilla scented candle.

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Go Outside

Vitamin D is actually really important when it comes to your happiness. It can help you feel better all around, which can improve your mood drastically. Just try going for a quick walk, if you can!

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Write What You're Feeling

It's always good to be in touch with your emotions! Writing them down will help you understand them more, which can help you control how you're feeling. If you're sad or frustrated, try to write it out and see if you can figure out why.

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Try A Face Mask

Sometimes, taking care of your skin and body can help to ~cleanse~ your mind. Do a face mask, put on your favorite show, and just try to relax. The fact that you are actively taking care of your body will help your overall health and attitude.

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