7 Basic Things Girls Do Better Than Boys

In this day and age, males can be very problematic. Especially men of power, but I won’t get into that right now. I don’t want to get too preachy here, since women and men can both be awesome. But it really is easy to get stuck on the idea that men are better than woman at every little thing, since our society supports this idea, which is so gross. So, from time to time, we need to remember that girls are amazing, and we are better than boys at a lot of things.

Yes, men are important to society, I guess (JK- they are) but so are women, and we can do anything that men can do. Most of the time, we do it better. I know that being a girl right now is hard and stressful, but I wanted to help you become aware of all of the things that you can do better than guys. TBH, girls are effing amazing, okay? If you are feeling down about yourself, take a look at these basic things that girls can do better than boys.


When it comes to doing many things at once, girls once again rule. Men are often less organized and can't cope with multiple tasks, which can lead them to fall behind in things like school. This, paired with the fact that girls learn better than guys, shows that us ladies are killing it in the education department.

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Be Generous

This one seems obvious, TBH. Girls are more likely to show empathy and be more generous than men, in both a physical and emotion aspect. So, not only will girls offer to lend guys money, they will also give out person advice when needed.

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Deal With Pain

MAYBE it has to do with our monthly periods that give us a high pain tolerance,  but women generally can handle pain more than men. So, if any guy tries to tell you that you're "weak" remind them that you deal with more pain than them on a monthly basis and handle it just fine.

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Interview For Things

I know that job or college interviews are really effing scary, but odds are good  that you are doing it better than a man. Studies have shown that while girls tend to get nervous for interviews, they take the time to actually prep for them, which makes them more successful in an interview-type situation.

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Stay Healthy

Unfortunately, guys are more likely to get sick than women, due to their testosterone. Of course, women do have testosterone as well, but people with higher levels of the hormone are more likely to have a lower immune response, resulting in illnesses.

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We all know that girls are great learners, of course, but it's backed by science. Studies have shown that starting at an early age, girls are more likely to be active in the classroom, which gives them the resources to led a more successful school career. So don't let ANY boy tell you that you're dumb, okay? You're smarter than them anyway.

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Get A College Degree

Not only do women do better in school, but they are more likely to actually stay in school and eventually get a degree. This is actually a big jump from the early 00's when women were less likely to earn a college degree. Go girl!

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