8 Of The Weirdest Terms For Sex That People Actually Use

Everyone has a term they use when they are talking about sex. Maybe you just come right out and say “I had sex” or “I did it” when discussing your sex life with your friends. Maybe you use more graphic words like “we f*****.” I won’t judge! All of these are accurate terms that mean something like “inserting genitals into other genitals.” Of course, there are other ways to have sex, especially if you don’t have a penis or vagina, but for the sake of this post, we are going to mostly talk about heterosexual intercourse terms. And there are a LOT of them!

Obviously, you are probably going to stick to using familiar terms when it comes to your sex life, but it’s pretty fun to learn about what other words people use for sex. Some of them are actual scientific definitions for getting it on, which is just hilarious, IMO. If you want to expand your use of language a bit, take a look at these weird sex terms that people actually use.

"Ride The Broomstick"

'Tis the season for spooky terms! Ride the broomstick is just, you know, having sex on top. It's probably not the weirdest one on the list, but the idea of actually a having sex with a broomstick is....concerning.

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Okay, this is the most basic term for sex but let's be real: this word is WEIRD. It sounds like a spell that would be used by Severus Snape. But, it is the "scientific" term for putting a penis into a vagina.

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Again, a very basic term for having sex, but why does it have to sound like a painful medical procedure? I would much prefer to use the term "getting it on" then "fornicating." Yikes.

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"Bury The Bone"

This one makes sense, I guess, if you consider a penis to be a "bone" and your vagina to be...uh, burrying it? I don't know, guys.

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No, not "intermission" like when you go see a play and they give you a 15 minute break to get some snacks. An intromission is the act of literally putting a penis into a vagina. It comes from the latin words "immisio penis" which basically means "inserting a penis."

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You've probably heard this one before, but I think it's pretty silly, so I added it to the list. Doesn't shagging sound like you're cleaning shag carpets or something? Alas, it's just a phrase for doin' it. Nice.

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I heard this in the classic films John Tucker Must Die but never knew that it was an actual phrase that people use. But, it is. I don't know why and TBH, I don't want to know.

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"Feeding The Kitty"

I...hate this. I know it's offensive to women somehow, but I haven't worked out how yet. It's just gross. But, I guess people say it? I don't know, guys. It's definitely a weird euphemism.

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