15 DIY Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect To Wear In College

If you are a college student, chances are good that, in addition to your midterms and research papers and whatever other mid-semester stuff you have to deal with, Halloween is at the forefront of your mind. I mean, Halloween should be on your mind regardless of whether you are in college or not–we are in the midst of October, after all–but, when you’re in college, there is traditionally a lot of pressure to have an excellent DIY Halloween costume.

Truthfully, there is no real distinction between a “college” costume and any other kind of Halloween costume you might wear at some point in your life.  But while the costumes themselves might not be all that different from others, there is a certain kind of Halloween-related pressure that exists in college that won’t be present in any other point of your life–because, usually, Halloween is one day out of the year. In college, it’s at least a week. This means that you have to have a lot of costumes on hand, and they have to be good–plus, you know, cheap and relatively easy to put together. Thankfully, this can be done! So, check out these DIY Halloween costumes that are perfect for wearing in college:


Frat Brothers

This is amazing. I love it. Plus, it's pretty easy--if you have any guy friends in fraternities, you can just borrow their gear. If not, all you need to do is wear khaki shorts, high socks, and a button-up shirt.

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Want to do something similar to a frat bro costume, but without the whole "frat" thing? Try this f**kboy costume. It's culturally relevant, easy to put together, comfortable as hell, and will likely resonate with many of your peers. It's the perfect costume!

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Gossip Girl Squad

If you went to a high school that required uniforms--or have friends who brought their old school uniforms to college with them--you know what you have to do, right? It's the perfect "Gossip Girl" setup. If you're feeling prim, put on a headband and go as Blair. If you're feeling more wild, tousle your hair, loosen your tie, and go as Serena.

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Space Ladies

Space ladies--otherwise known as "aliens"--may be the perfect costume for you this year. All you need is some galaxy leggings, a black crop top, and space-y hair and makeup.

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Girl Scout

This is probably pretty similar to what you usually wear when you go out--to make it a convincing Girl Scout look, just get a sash and throw it over your outfit. Perfection!

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Solo Cups

Cute, recognizable, and somehow, also perfect for a Christmas-themed party--so, you can save this costume and wear it to your family's Christmas dinner!

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All you need for this one is a white dress, a unicorn horn, and maybe some glitter if you're feeling wild. It doesn't get much simpler--or cuter--than this.

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I don't fully understand the true meaning behind this costume. Are they Victoria's Secret Angels? Sexy lady boxers? Who knows! All the same, I do know that this costume looks comfy AF, so it's perfect to wear to whatever Halloween party you choose to go to this year.

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Starbucks Cups

This is a super cute, easily recognizable costume that pretty much only requires a white t-shirt, a permanent marker, and a Starbucks patch. It's also a great costume if you're in a sorority and want to wear matching costume with your big or little. (The big is the "grande" and the little is the "tall." But you could probably pick up on that yourself.)

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Does this shirt play into traditional heteronormative ideologies, and, as a result, feel slightly reductive? It sure does! Still, it's funny. And easy. And, sometimes, that's just about all you can ask for in a costume.

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This is...insanely simple? All you need is a big t-shirt, a marker, and some construction paper. Plus, it looks super cute. It's a winner!

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Halloween is a costume that is ALL about enforcing the RULES!! JK, I made that up. But you can make it seem that way by dressing up as a referee for Halloween--all you need is a striped shirt, black shorts, and a whistle.

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I know for a fact that this is a true college costume, because the tapestry behind it cannot be found anywhere other than a college dorm. But, all the same, it's a cute and easy costume that just so happens to look good in front of the quintessential college tapestry.

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Rachel From Friends

Got a black dress? If so, there's a lot you can do with it--including going as Rachel from "Friends." All you have to do is get (or make) a Central Perk apron to tie over it.

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The Purge

Costumes based on "The Purge" legitimately horrify me, but I guess that's their purpose. Plus, they're pretty easy to put together, so, if you and some friends want to scare some of your other friends this year, uh, you know what to do.

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