7 Reasons Why Your Boobs Feel Sore

Remember when you were younger and you wanted to have boobs? There was flat-chested little you, wanting to be all grown-up so you could wear a pretty pink lace bra. Oh, if only you knew then what having boobs was really like. While having boobs, and being a girl for that matter, is awesome, there are some things we have to deal with that can be a little annoying. One of them is breast tenderness.

Chances are you’ve experienced breast soreness on more than one occasion. In fact, it might be something that you’re dealing with very frequently. I hear you, girl. While there are some things that you can do to help make your boobs feel less sore, the first step is trying to identify what the cause is. Because once you know that, you can help your tatas accordingly. Take a look at seven reasons why your boobs could be sore.

You Have Lumpy Breast Tissue

There are different types of breasts and one type is breasts with lumpy breast tissue. The technical term is fibrocystic breast tissue. If you go to your doctor, they should tell you whether you have it or not. If you do, it can explain why your breasts feel tender, especially during your period. Fibrocystic breast tissue is tissue that usually contains fluid-filled cysts which cause tenderness.

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Your Birth Control

You can go ahead and add this as one of the symptoms your birth control causes. When you're on birth control pills, the ring, or whatever, your body has to adjust to the hormones in the product. As any birth control user quickly figures out, that can come with some side effects, one of them being sore breasts. Hopefully it will go away after using your birth control for awhile. If not, you could speak to your doctor about switching brands or formulas.

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Your Active Lifestyle

It's great that you're being active, but be aware that it can result in sore boobs. Are you getting your fitness on and you're not wearing a *supportive* sports bra? Do you prefer to do activity with a lot of bouncing, like running or an aerobics class? These can all point to breast tenderness. Another possible thing is that you increased the intensity/reps of your chest workouts. Boobs can get sore after a workout just like arm muscles, people.

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You Have An Infection

What, you thought that boobs couldn't get infections? Surprise, surprise, they can. Breast infections can be caused by anything including ingrown hairs, clogged sweat glands, blocked milk ducts, and bacterial illnesses. Often, infections will show other symptoms like nipple discharge, redness, swelling, and a fever. If you experience any of these, go to your doctor ASAP so you can get treatment.

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It's A PMS Symptom

Ah, good old PMS. If you find that your breasts only seem to get tender every so often, it can be worthwhile tracking the days because it could help show a link between the soreness and getting your period. Breast tenderness around your period can be a fairly common symptom so add it to the list along with breakouts, cramping, mood swings, and all of the others.

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Your Bra Doesn't Fit Correctly

Oh, bras. They're supposed to help our boobs but sometimes it seems like they're doing the opposite. If your bra doesn't fit right, it could be the culprit of your bra pain. Think about the different sized bras you might have in your wardrobe and whether some feel better than others. And consider when the last time you bought a new one was. A brand new one could make your boobs feel sore because you bought it too tight. Conversely, an old one might be causing breast tenderness because it's not providing enough support. Go to a bra specialist to be measured then try on bras to find one that's comfortable. Yes, comfy bras do exist and they could help your breast soreness.

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It Could Be Breast Cancer

I don't want to alarm you, but be aware that breast cancer is a possibility. The key thing is to get to know your body so you're familiar with how things normally are, and if something changes, go to your doctor and express your concerns. Other symptoms of breast cancer include changes in the nipple, lumps, and leakage so watch out for those along with breast tenderness.

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Do you have to deal with sore breasts? Let us know in the comments!

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