15 Easy And Cute Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

I have to be honest with you all: washing my hair is a long process that I sort of hate. Not only does it take me forever, but it’s almost that time of year where the weather gets cold AF, which makes me want to skip washing my hair for a few days. So, once winter rolls around, I tend to wash my hair a lot less than I should. It’s not a terrible thing, but it does make styling my hair a lot harder.

It’s totally not a bad idea to go a few days without washing your hair, you just want to make sure it still looks good, right? Right. You could just leave your hair down, but it might start to get oily and frizzy after a few days, and that isn’t a very good look. Plus, when your hair is getting super oily, you want to keep it away from your face, so you don’t break out (it happens!). So, if you need some inspiration on how to wear your hair when you are skipping out on washes, check out these cute hairstyles:

1. French braids are probably the easiest option here, since they look cute on literally everyone, and they also work better with unwashed hair:


2. Adding a hat will cover up any frizz or flyaways that can happen when you’ve gone a bit without washing:


3. Throwing your hair in a topknot will look laid back but still cute:


4. Put your hair in a high pony, then leave some pieces out in the front for that ~undone~ look:

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5. Keep your messy hair out of your face by pulling it back in a braid:


6. Try a half-up half-down top knot. It will keep your hair out of your face but still give you a put together look:


7. Give your hair a side part for a unique look. Since it will be a little oily, the part will stay better:


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8. Throw your hair in a high pony, then quickly run a curling iron through it to create some last minute waves:


9. If you have thick hair, try a loose braid to help keep your hair back without it puffing up everywhere:


10. A fishtail braid will hold nicely in unwashed hair, and look elegant AF:


Boho braids & twists ?

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11. Or, try a side pony with a braid to switch it up a bit:


12. Add a headband for some color and to distract everyone from your unwashed hair:


13. Of course, you can always do a space bun look:


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14. Or, you can add some braids to your space buns for extra texture:


15. My personal fave is to wear your hair half up half down with some buns on the side:

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