16 Best Examples Of The Bella Hadid Meme You Need To See Immediately

By now, you have surely seen the video. You know the one I’m talking about–it has Bella Hadid. Sneaker shopping. Complex magazine. A streetwear store called “Kith.”  Flagrant abuse of the vernacular phrases “homeboy” and “dope.” In the event that, for whatever reason, you haven’t seen it, you can check it out below:

There is, clearly, a lot to unpack here. I will say that I do believe that the majority of blame falls directly on Complex for having the audacity to have a “sneaker shopping” video series in the first place, and, because of this, I feel sort of bad that Bella is getting the brunt of the mockery, which, technically, might qualify as cyberbullying. And the best part of the entire video–when Bella Hadid is about to say”get it,” has a premonition that doing so will ruin her life, then decides to soldier on anyway–shows that she is at least somewhat self aware.

But, at the end of the day, Ms. Hadid is an obscenely rich, objectively gorgeous 21-year-old with millions of Instagram followers and many lucrative modeling contracts. She’s going to be fine.Besides, given that this isn’t, like, a Kendall Jenner Pepsi situation, Bella Hadid (AKA her “people”), can make sure that this is spun in her favor by poking fun at herself in a charming Instgram video, or, perhaps, another Complex shoot. But why am I giving out free career counsel to Bella Hadid? This isn’t my job! It is Yolanda Hadid’s job! Anyway, check out the best examples of the Bella Hadid sneaker meme right here:

1. This is true:


2. Hehe:


3. Don’t you forget it!



4. She does, indeed, talk like this:


5. The rumors are true:


6. Me as hell:


7. Horrifying:


8. Who can’t relate?


9. Also relatable:


10. Nice:


11. No:


12. My favorite tweet!!!


13. Me when I dissociate:


14. I mean:


15. Well, here’s the Call Me By Your Name deep cut that no one asked for:



16. Bye!!!


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