7 Things Every Girl Is Sick Of Hearing

If you’re a girl, I’m sure you know how cool it can be. We can do anything we want, like wear skirts and destroy boy’s hearts. JK, but being a girl does have its perks. It also has its downsides, as I’m sure you’re aware. Girls are always talked down to and treated poorly, just because they are girls. Sure, a girl can do whatever she wants, but that doesn’t stop guys from talking sh*t about it. And sometimes, us girls decide to drag those people who say stupid things on Reddit.

I know it’s easier said than done, but the best thing you can do when somebody is being discouraging is to prove them wrong. If a guy in your class tells you that “girls can’t play sports” then you should go try out for any sports team you want. Don’t let dumb stereotypes stop you from doing your thing! If you are a girl, then chances are good that you’ve heard the following phrases. And that’s annoying AF! As a Fellow Girl, I can assure everyone that most stereotypes about us are wrong.  Still, we hear this stuff every day. It’s important that we fight back when hearing these offensive things so that we can prove just how awesome being a girl can be. So, here are some phrases I’m sure you’re sick of hearing so that next time you hear them, you can prove them wrong.

We Can't Do Math

For some reason, math is a subject that guys get a ton of credit for. That's not fair at all, TBH. Gnikzilgnikzil said, "I went to a women's college and the professor I had for a summer math course lost one of my tests. She said she'd just give me the same score as my first test 'because it's a good score and pretty girls like you don't really need to learn math.'"

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We Can't Do Physical Labor

I guess us ladies are ~weak~ right? All_iswells said, "My own mother told me I should have my dad check my tire pressure instead of doing it myself. '...But why?' 'Because he's a man.'" That's so silly! Feel free to check your tire pressure, girl.

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We Can't Be Involved In Politics

Yeezyblender said, "I'm majoring in political science and my (unrealistic) dream is to work in politics. My friend mentioned this to her sister and her sister went off on a rant about how she hoped I would do something else because women can't be trusted with politics and how it wasn't a women's subject. She said I needed to leave it to the men." Ahem, CLEARLY, men can't be trusted politicians, so women might as well take over.

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We Should Smile More

Stop telling women to smile! It's weird and awkward and nobody should be forced to show any type of emotion if they don't want to. Jonsey0412 said, "'Hey, you'd look a lot prettier with a smile.' I bar-tend, I get this frequently. You tell all the boys how much prettier they'd be with a smile too?!"

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We Should Wear Makeup

As someone who didn't wear makeup for most of my life, I hate this! Guys in my middle school used to tell me I would look better with mascara or straight hair, and it drove me crazy. Jaquitabanana24 said, "'If you put some makeup and did something with your nails, you'd be a real knockout'- 60 year old man coming through my checkout line at work."

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We Need To Have Kids

Listen up: just because you have a uterus does not mean you have to have kids. It's YOUR body, and you are the one who gets to chose if you want kids. Karly_fries said, "'It’s your duty as a woman to have kids'" this is a common phrase that older people use to tell women that they need to have kids. Heads up- if you don't want kids, you don't need to have them!

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Anything About Periods

As a general rule, men should never ever talk about periods. But...they do. And they say some stupid things. Rawrockillz mentioned how a man said "'can't you just hold it in??' (regarding my period)." Yikes. No, men, we can't just hold it in. That's not how it works, but men continue to believe this!

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