9 Signs That Your Crush Is Low Key Alt-Right

Look, I’m going to make this short and sweet: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ve probably noticed that there’s been an increase in right wing visibility lately. But instead of a bunch of old, stodgy Christians who are trying to ban abortion, start wars, and give everyone and their baby a gun, a newer sort of right wing that’s a lot younger and a lot more meme savvy has reared its ugly head in every corner of the internet and IRL. It’s the alt-right, which can really be summed up as good ol’ fashioned right wing, nationalistic, crypto-fascist politics with a sparklier veneer.

There have been countless think pieces about this movement, ones that do a deep dive into its history and its appeal from everyone to brainy college students to dudes who spend all day playing video games. This isn’t going to be one of those pieces. But what this piece will be is a warning for any of you who are currently crushing on or dating young dudes right now: Heads up, they might be lowkey alt-right. If they were super open about their alt-right beliefs, you’d know them by now (and hopefully curve them accordingly). But some guys like to be a little more private with their nastier beliefs; or maybe they’re in the early stages of being radicalized into the alt-right fold. Either way, check out these nine signs your crush is low key alt-right. If any of the following checks out, abandon your thirst, sis.

He Thinks White Dudes Are Oppressed For Being White Men

There are a lot of ways that white men can experience oppression! There are poor white men who experience economic inequality. There are gay white men and transgender white men who are excluded and persecuted for their identities. There are disabled white men! So the idea that you can't be a white man and experience systematic inequality is BS. What is BS, however, is the idea that people are oppressed in the United States or any other Western country for being white and being a cis-gender male (i.e. someone who is assigned male at birth and identifies as a male). Whiteness is the societal ideal, as is being a cis-gender man...so if your crush seriously feels like the odds are stacked against him because he's a white dude? Yeah, uh, unless you're going to actively attempt to change his mind on this nonsense, don't waste your time on this clown. Tell him to read a book, watch a documentary, whatever he can do to get his head out of his butt and back to reality.

Dear White People

He Suddenly Has A Lot Of Awful Opinions Of Feminism

If you said that feminism was a cancer, would your brush (or boyfriend) agree? Think about it for a second, and be honest with yourself. It's pretty popular for folks on the alt-right to see feminism as a useless snowflake ideology at best and an actual threat to civilization at worst. Mild anti-feminist stances come in the form of skepticism about the gender pay gap and college campus rape stats. Extreme anti-feminist stances can be summed up as Chicken Little-esque panicking about feminism making women forget the apparent inherent value in men and their natural place in society: Subservient to men. Does he talk about being redpilled? Does he repeat a lot of talking points by Men's Rights Activists (a simple Google search will let you know what they think). Ask this dude what he thinks about these issues sometime soon and see what he says.

The To Do List

He's Got A Plethora Of Pepes

Unfortunately, the purest of memes became, uh, fascist AF. Yeah, the alt-right, neo-Nazis, white nationalists, your racist cousin, etc have co-opted Pepe--a cartoon frog--as their little mascot a couple of years back. It's association with the alt-right got so bad that the creator of the illustration had to come out and make statements denouncing its usage by white supremacists and symbolically killed the poor frog off. The dangers of dank memes, guys.


He Defends Trump, Often

If you already know your crush supports Trump, well, why are you still crushing on them? But maybe they're not a straight up Trump supporter. Don't assume you're in the clear yet, sis. Watch to see if they have a tendency to defend Trump or other Trump supporters often. Does he act like he's playing devil's advocate a little too often? Does he generally find Trump pretty harmless and maybe even a little funny? Are a lot of his friend Trump supporters? Well...yikes. This isn't a good sign.

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He's Been Increasingly Into Sharing Edgy Hot Takes, Seemingly For Shock Value

Uh, if your crush takes pride in being some sort of edgelord who likes to offend people and not be PC, but plays it off for laughs, then they might be hanging out in some alt-right circles online or IRL. Don't waste your time crushing on someone who thinks that they're so cool and clever for making a joke about triggered lesbians and "illegal immigrants." Seriously.


He Spends Way Too Much Time On 4chan/Reddit.

Whether it's /pol on 4chan or The Donald subreddit, if you see your crush or BF browse these sites anytime you're hanging out...they're, like, a borderline Nazi at that point. Oh, and if this weirdo you're crushing on makes jokes about Kek...okay, don't ask, but just...find another crush, okay? Literally, having a crush on a stack of wet newspaper would be a better match for you.

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He Stans Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer, And More

Whether it's professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos or white supremacist Richard Spencer (you know, the dude who got punched that one time), if your crush has any positive things to say about any of these guys...run, sis. Run.

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His Opinions on Race, Immigration, Islam, Etc, Are Becoming Increasingly Divisive

Maybe your crush or BF seemed pretty apolitical at first, or even pretty progressive. Well, that's changed recently. He's frustrated by all the Black Lives Matter protests and the hubbub surrounding Confederate statues and flags. He doesn't think that building a wall along the border is a bad idea, and he thinks that undocumented immigrants gotta go. Oh, and he's even ragging on Muslim people lately and worries that anyone with a headscarf is some sort of terrorist refugee or an oppressed woman with no power. These shifts in beliefs could just be the beginning.

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He Has This Haircut

Okay, I'm only half serious here but this side swoop combover look is totally an alt-right, white nationalist hairstyle, guys. Like, there have been loads of articles about it, so it's not just me. This haircut became so synonymous with the alt-right and known white nationalists like Richard Spencer that it might have even encouraged Macklemore (lol, remember him?) to change his hairstyle because it deeply resembled this ultra fashy do. But if he doesn't have the haircut, watch out for a black polo shirt with yellow accents: It's associated with The Proud Boys, a group that can be summed up as awful dudes who believe awful things and are pretty alt-right adjacent. However, if your crush is going so far as to wear those polos...their beliefs probably aren't much of a mystery.

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