15 Unique Disney Princess Costumes Nobody Else Will Have

In my 20+ years of experience in life, I’ve discovered that there are certain Halloween costumes that never really go out of style. Superheros, zombies, cats, etc. You know, all of the “basic” costumes that are simple but fun to wear. Along with those costumes are Disney princess costumes. You see them every year, and you never really get sick of them since they are cute and innocent. Sure, you might see some “slutty” Disney costumes (if you wanna do that, go ahead!), but all in all, they are all pretty similar. Maybe you’ve been thinking about being an Ariel or Cinderella this year. That’s cool…but don’t you want to stand out at least a little bit?

I don’t mean to hate on Disney costumes, since they are a classic idea. But, there are some pretty unique ways to channel your inner Disney princess and still have a costume that nobody else will have. After all, isn’t a princess supposed to be the center of attention? Kidding, but these Disney princess costumes are all super unique, so you should check them out.

Clueless Princess

Give your princess the '90s vibe with this Clueless- inspired look. It's preppy and cute, but also iconic!


Harry Potter Princesses

Best of both worlds! Pair your fave princess with her Hogwarts house and you've got the best costume that will give everyone ~feels~.


Ballet Princess

This is cute! Imagine if the princesses were also professional ballerinas? Sounds like my childhood dream, TBH



I love this. These are Disney princesses as their prince counterparts and they look effing amazing. I would totally be Prince Eric.


Exercise Princess

This is different! Give your princess an '80s workout vibe with som bright leggings and a body suit. Cute and unique!


Renaissance Princess

This is actually a great idea. Go for a super elegant Renaissance look this year. I'm sure nobody else will be wearing this pretty costume and you'll totally ~stand out~.


Flapper Princess

This is a unique and cute take on the classic princesses: make them flappers! Wear a fringe dress in the color scheme of your preferred princess and you're good to go.


Superhero Princess

Who says princesses can't be bad ass superheros??? These ladies seriously kick ass, so add a cape and a mask for a unique Disney look.


Princess Criminals

In the words of Ariana Grande: "ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad b*tch?" I think we can all agree that they Disney princesses aren't perfect, so this criminal costume makes sense.


Modern Princess

Give your fave princess a modern look! This updated Snow White look is super cute and TBH, could be worn after Halloween.


Zombie Princess

Halloween is all about being spooky, right? Add some fake blood and zombie makeup and you're Halloween-ready.


Balloon Princess

Honestly...this looks impossible. But I think it's really effing cool, so I'm just going to leave it here.


Holiday Princess

You know how some princesses have their own holiday specials? That would make for a fun costume. Only TRUE FANS will get it.


Retro Princess

I didn't really know what to name this one, but it's cute and super easy to pull off! All you need is a crop top and colored skirt to match your princess' theme.


Disney Makeup

If you're more skilled in the makeup department, try some princess-inspired makeup looks instead of a full on costume. You will definitely stand out.


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