How To Avoid Bumps When Shaving Your Bikini Line

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How can you avoid getting bumps when shaving the bikini line? It feels like I’ve tried everything and nothing works.


If you don’t enjoy the feeling of having hair down there, then removing it can be super freeing. You know what’s not freeing? When the outer area of your vag starts to itch like crazy and you realize it’s covered in tiny little bumps. This is most likely irritation that comes from shaving such a sensitive area, but it can lead to things like painful ingrown hairs, and also – it’s annoying AF! So, how can we avoid these bumps altogether?

To get answers, I spoke with Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, a New York City based dermatologist and clinical instructor at New York University and Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine, who also works with Schick. She recommends starting with a new razor and says, “I do recommend looking for a razor that has a flexible head with sharp and multiple razor blades for more sensitive areas to allow for easy glide over more contoured areas like the bikini region. A product like the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle offers you the choice to shave as much or as little as you want, especially for the first time. Its built in two-in-one design has a bikini trimmer on one end (with an adjustable comb) and razor on the other.”

Other tips? Always make sure the razor blade is really sharp, which means changing it every few uses. You should definitely stick with a moisturizing shave lotion or oil, as that will help prep the area and keep it hydrated. I definitely recommend using some sort of soothing anti-ingrown hair product as well. Whish makes a new ingrown hair serum that you can apply after shaving to soothe the irritation and help prevent bumps. Oh, and when you’re shaving, be careful! Go slowly instead of rushing. Use plenty of lotion and water, and take your time.

If none of that helps, then you can always try a different hair removal method. Something like waxing might be better, or you could even do something for the long-term, like laser hair removal. To be honest, it’s difficult to avoid the bumps completely – they can kind of come with the territory. But following all of the above steps are your best bet towards a much smoother shave!

Good luck!

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