7 Times You Should Actually Have An Argument With Bae

I think I can speak for pretty much all of us when I say that nobody wants to get into a fight. I mean, who would want to deal with the raised stress levels, the back and forth, and the “you did it first so…” business? Most of us would prefer to stick with quiet, peaceful times where everybody gets along.

Unfortunately, life and relationships don’t work like that. We’re all different which means there will be things that we will think and do things differently than someone else would. And sometimes, those situations can result in a disagreement. The disagreement could end up with a compromise or it could end up in a proper fight. And there will be times when it’s actually better to have a fight with bae than keep quiet or compromise.

I get it if you want to avoid any drama with bae, but there are occasions where it’s best to stand your ground for you and your relationship. Have a look at seven times you should actually have an argument with bae.

When You're Standing Up For Yourself

When it comes down to it, there is only really one person who will be there to stand up for you, and that's yourself. It's nice to think you will never need to stand up to yourself to your SO, but there might come a time when you will have to. If/when that time comes, it's important to remain firm. If bae still isn't getting why the situation is important, an argument might develop.

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When You Feel Passionately About Something

When we're passionate about things, we typically feel very strongly about them. Everyone's passions are different. They can be family, politics, friends, religion, Harry Styles, tacos, or school. If you feel that bae is disrespecting your passions and/or trying to hinder you from them, you will need to take the action that you feel is appropriate. Obviously, it will depend on the situation and the passion that bae has an issue with, but the key thing is that you need to let bae know that your passions are part of you.

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When You Need To Do What's Right

While the difference between right and wrong should be as obvious as the difference between black and white, it often isn't. Normally, there's that murky gray area where it's all relative to the person and the situation. That's where things can become problematic. You might think something is right, while bae is meh about it. In that case, you should still stand your ground.

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You Feel Your Values Are Being Compromised

Values are something that are very important to each of us. A lot of our values overlap, but some people's values may be slightly different and this could potentially involve problems. If you feel that bae isn't respecting your values, you need to stand up for them and for yourself. If your SO still doesn't get what the big deal is, you need to give this some careful thought.

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When You Feel That You're Not Being Respected

A connection and common interests are important in relationships, but those things don't really mean anything if you don't have R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Got it? If you feel that bae isn't respecting you, you need to speak up. And you need to make it clear that you demand to be treated like the equal that you are in this relationship. Remember: You're not there to be bossed around by anyone. You're there to do things together.

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When Bae Just Isn't Listening To Your Concerns

Remember that there are two of you in this relationship. Therefore, both people should be respectful of themselves and the other person. If you feel that your SO just isn't listening to you, or he/she doesn't care about anything you're involved in, it's time for a serious discussion about things. After all, if it feels like there's only one person in the relationship who cares about both parties, it's not a good, proper relationship.

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When You Feel Your Privacy Was Invaded

Did you and bae make some rules about looking at each other's phones and bae went against them? Or, did you not have any rules in place and were stunned when you found bae was looking at your DMs? No matter the situation, if you feel your privacy was violated, you need to make that clear to bae. It doesn't matter whether it was with your phone, computer, bedroom, or whatever. If talking to bae about how furious you are about it isn't working, it might need to turn into something more. And if your SO still doesn't respect your privacy, it's a red flag.

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What do you get into arguments with bae about? Let us know in the comments!

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