6 Non-Physical Ways Your Boyfriend Can Cheat On You

Every couple defines cheating differently. Some people are in open relationships and don’t care if their boyfriend has sex with someone else, but if he develops an emotional attachment it’s considered crossing the line; most find any sort of physical intimacy to be cheating. At the end of the day, YOU are the one who determines what YOUR boundaries are. If you think getting ice cream with someone and eating their cherry on top is cheating, that’s… well, that’s your prerogative. For the most part, though, people tend to agree that cheating is about the physical stuff: kissing, oral sex, touching, and having sex.

Sometimes, though, cheating can be more intense and secretive than that. It’s not just about the physical stuff – there are other ways your partner can betray you. And, honestly, sometimes these non-physical actions are even worse than just making out with someone who isn’t you. That’s for you to decide, but in the meantime, get familiar. Here are a few non-physical ways your boyfriend can cheat on you:

Flirting With The Same Girls Over And Over

Some people are natural flirts and can’t help themselves when out at night with friends, however there’s a difference between a random guy buying you a drink at the bar you versus having an extended text conversation littered with kissy-faces and “I miss you” messages. If you catch your guy sending a bunch of texts to other girls that make you uncomfortable and his explanation is something like “Oh we’re just friends, you’re overreacting” – dump him. Not only is he invalidating your feelings and trying to make it seem like you’re the bad guy, but he’s outright disrespecting your relationship by spending days, weeks (maybe even months, who knows?) flirting with the same girls over and over.

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Confiding In Someone Else All The Time

Emotional cheating is where you go to someone else besides your girlfriend for support. For example: if his dog died and he’s an absolute wreck over it, you’d think he’d be coming to you for a shoulder to cry on, right? And yet there he is, over at Brenda’s house crying into her lap and bemoaning how he’ll never find another friend like Scruffles. It doesn’t have to be pets though – it could be anything, even complaining about how lame his girlfriend is in bed! If you find your boyfriend getting a little too close to another girl and at the same time building up walls between the two of you emotionally, you can probably guess where he’s going for help.

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Having A Really Close Female Friend

Your boyfriend has that one female friend that he gets along really well with, though you don’t think he’s cheating on you with her – and he’s not. He’s admitted that she’s attractive and that they have chemistry, but he’s also assured you that he doesn’t have any feelings for her and that he’s not cheating on you. Physically, he’s correct. He’s never hooked up with this girl, but she IS his backup girlfriend – aka the girl he’ll either rebound with after you two break up or outright start dating. Having a contingency plan isn’t the best way to maintain a relationship, which means even though he’s currently passing your dad the mashed potatoes over the dinner table he’s still got one foot solidly planted out the door. As he gets older he’ll figure out the grass isn’t always greener on the other side…eventually.

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Stringing Other Girls Along

Some people love attention, whereas others hate being the center of the universe. In this case, your boyfriend is the former and will string other girls along like he’s going to break up with you just for the sake of taking the brightest spotlight. In reality you had no idea there was anything wrong with your relationship, and in truth there isn’t – your man is just an attention whore when it comes to the opposite sex. He’s never physically done anything with these girls, and when they get too clingy he either ghosts them or acts like they’re being crazy and suddenly has “no idea” why they won’t leave him alone. Trust us – not only can you do better, but you deserve better.

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Sending And/Or Receiving Nudes

I think it’s safe to say we’d all be pretty pissed about this. And in the event that it’s some other girl sending HIM nudes and he’s not reciprocating, don’t let him off the hook! The minute he opened that snap and got an eye-full of nipple he should’ve deleted her from his friends and told you immediately. If he lets the nudes flow into his inbox without even half-heartedly trying to stop them, is that really someone you really want to be with?

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Watching Porn

Not everyone agrees that watching porn is cheating, but a lot of people do consider it a betrayal. I mean, think about it: your boyfriend is getting off to videos and pictures of other naked girls (and maybe guys). It's definitely awkward. Porn is objectively considered to be okay, generally, but a lot of people draw the line when it comes to live-cam girls.

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