15 DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make With A T-Shirt

If it isn’t obvious enough, Halloween season is upon us. That means that the internet will be FILLED with DIY tutorials and makeup looks that will take hours and a lot of talent that you may or may not have. Not to be rude, but you might not have the resources to pull off an elaborate costume. I don’t want to underestimate your skills, but something like this can take weeks to create, and we are getting pretty close to the big day here.  So, you need to settle for a less time-consuming project.

Luckily for you, there are actually quite a few unique and fun costumes that can be made with just a regular t-shirt. Sure, you might need to add some stuff and tweak it a little, but these costumes will take you very little time at all and still put you in the Halloween spirit. If you’re not really ~into~ dressing up, this is also a pretty good idea for you, since it just requires a t-shirt, which you can easily change out of if you aren’t “feeling” it. So, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance DIY halloween costume, check out these t-shirt costumes. 


This is actually a pretty unique idea that is a lot simpler than it looks! Grab a white t-shirt and some iron-on paper so you can print a design and throw it on the shirt. You can use a belt or a scarf as the seaweed. Ta-da!



A green shirt with some thread is all you need for this cute and ~trendy~ DIY costume. Grab your friends and make a whole desert! If you're into that.


Ice Cream

This is a fun idea! Cut out a design on the bottom of a shirt, then add some "sprinkles" on top with construction paper.


Candy Button

This candy button shirt is actually VERY simple and pretty unique. Grab a white t-shirt and some styrofoam spheres and you can throw this one together at the last minute.


Spider Web

This spooky spider web is actually a cut out black t-shirt. Throw it on over a dress or tank top for a ~spider queen~ look.



Yellow shirt + construction paper = perfect DIY costume. Need I say more?


Candy Corn

For a cute and ridiculously easy costume, make your own candy corn t-shirt. All you need it a white shirt and yellow and orange paint. It's a simple costume, but super festive!



Grab some friends (or do it solo!) and a colored shirt, paint on an "M" and you're got a cute and easily recognizable costume.



Sure, this would go a little bit better with a group of people, or you can just be one singular skittle. You do you! Going as one skittle will definitely be unique!



Add some black felt squares to a plain white t-shirt and you're good to go! Say "moo" instead of "boo." Get it?! HA. Bye.


Thing One And Two, Etc.

For this one, you just need a red shirt! You can paint the little design on the front, or just print it out and tape it on. It really depends on how lazy you want to get.


Various Fruits

The good thing about fruits is that they come in basically any color, which means if you have a random-colored shirt laying around, you can probably make it into a fruit in less than 10 minutes. My personal favorite is the lemon!



Zombies are easy since they are literally dead, so it doesn't have to look perfect! Rip up an old t-shirt, add some fake blood and you'll probably spook some people.



A pumpkin is a classic costume! Sure, you might have worn this when you were a toddler, but it is still cute.



TBH, Tigger is a cute cartoon character that you can easily pull off with this shirt. OR, you could be Tony the Tiger and carry around frosted flakes. Your call!


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