8 Things Introverts Want Extroverts To Know

I don’t talk about this a lot, but I do consider myself somewhat of an introvert. In the right situations, I can be outgoing and social. But in other situations, I can be weird and quiet. A lot of the time, it just depends. I have trouble explaining this to people, which can sometimes put a strain on my relationships. Luckily, there are a lot of resources online for introverts, including Reddit.

I was browsing Reddit the other day when I came across a thread titled “introverts of Reddit, what is something you’d like extroverts to know.” TBH, I did not expect to relate to this SO hard, but I did! And I want the world to know! Obviously, ever introvert is different, but there are things that we can all relate to. And, if you’re not an introvert, it’s important for you to know these things. If you ARE an introvert, it’s important for you to know you’re not alone! If you consider yourself an introvert, see if you can relate to these things that introverts want extroverts to know.

Unannounced Hangs Are Not Cool

Honestly, this is my biggest pet peeve! If you want to hang, please text ahead, okay? Cptn_canada said, "Please please please do not show up to my house without an invite.. or at least giving me some warning."

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Not Having Plans Does Not Mean "Free"

Just because someone says they have no plans for the weekend, it doesn't mean that they are trying to hang. I always need time to myself, and friends sometimes take that as me ignoring them. It's not about that! Raccooninapartdress said, "For me - 'nothing planned' = 'wrapped in a blanket on the couch playing games trying to recharge from social interaction.' It doesn’t mean I’m jonesing to go out because I’m bored." Exactly.

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Don't Assume

Squallwithfries said, "Just because I seem extroverted, doesn't mean I am - I actually have to go home alone and recharge for a million hours. I've just been trained to act extroverted. Everyone is different." This is how I feel. I can SEEM outgoing, but for ever social interaction, I need three days in my bed to recharge.

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Interacting Is Hard

Some people might have awesome social skills, but don't feel the need to reach out a lot. It doesn't mean they don't care!  Theyaresoawful said, "I'm an introvert. I'm not shy. But I don't need a constant flow of people to interact with in order to gather energy from them."

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Being Quiet Does Not Equal Being Upset

Bookwormlou said,"Just because I'm sitting quietly doesn't mean I'm bored.. or upset. In fact, that's probably one of my happiest moments." Not everyone has to be engaged in constant conversation in order to be happy! It's not an "awkward silence"- it's just silence!

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Sometimes We Just Need To Recharge

Dont_spank_the_pizza said, "If I disappear for awhile at a party to go to the bathroom, I'm not pooping. I'm gathering myself to go back out to all those people." If an introverted person needs time alone, it doesn't mean they hate you! They just need time alone. It's that simple.

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Spontaneity Is Hard

Peanutbuttersucks said, "For the love of God please give advance notice if you want me to go anywhere. A spur of the moment invite to a party is my worst nightmare, but if you give me a few days heads up that you're having people over, I can probably persuade myself into going." I know that spontaneous road trips are very ~trendy~ but they are not fun for introverts.

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Lack Of Response Doesn't Mean No

This is so TRUE! Sometimes, people just need some time to consider plans. Psmylie said, "don't take the lack of an immediate affirmative response as a "no". Sometimes we need time to process something before we can answer." Don't be offended when someone says they need to "think about it." Sometimes, thy really just need to think about it!

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