6 Signs There Might Be Something Wrong With Your Boobs

Everyone’s boobs are unique and—sorry to sound corny—special in their own way. There are big boobs and small boobs, perky boobs and heavy boobs. There are boobs that have large areolae, boobs that have itty bitty areolae. It’s even normal to have boobs with with hair sprouting out around areolae. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I personally love how diverse boobs are. Like, maybe the key to world peace is just agreeing that boobs are rad, I don’t know.

But obviously, boobs aren’t all fun, and games, and, uh, world peace?

If you’ve had boobs for long enough, you’ll know that they can be a total pain in the ass. I mean, forget about finicky bra sizes and bathing suit tops for a second. I’m talking about literal pain. Like, when they hurt around that time of the month, to the point in which doing anything more rigorous than a speed walk makes you want to curl up in a ball and die. Usually you can just write that off as period woes, but what if you experience breast pain all the time? What if you’ve noticed your nipples looking a little funny? And what if you think you might have felt a lump? Well, first of all, don’t panic (yet). Second of all, check out these six signs that there might actually be something wrong with your boobs. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume you have cancer, because you probably don’t. But you should be vigilant and see a doctor ASAP.

Your Breasts Feel Tender All The Time

Like I said in the intro, it's totally normal to experience breast pain and tenderness around and during your period. What's not normal is feeling breast pain and tenderness 24/7. Please see a doctor just to make sure nothing weird is going on.


Your Nipples Are Releasing Discharge

You're not pregnant and you're not breastfeeding, but your nipples are releasing a liquid or--even scarier--blood. Okay, first things first: Don't scare yourself by going to WebMD. It'll just tell you you have cancer and will die or something. While it can be a breast cancer symptom, it isn't necessarily cancer. In fact, anything from hormone fluctuation, to injury, to over stimulation can cause milky looking fluid to come out of your breasts. With that said, bloody or clear, watery looking liquid coming out of your nipples is a cause for concern. Either way, go see a doctor to get some peace of mind or find out the next steps to take if the problem is more severe.

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You Feel A Lump

Okay, for clarification: Feeling a lump in your breast tissue might very well not mean the C word. In fact, it's pretty common to have lumps and bumps in your breasts that could be anything from harmless cysts to benign tumors; hell, maybe it's just your breast tissue being a little weird. But still, a lump--especially a hard, painful one--is still something you need to keep an eye on. If you feel one, you should get it checked out just in case. Don't be scared because, again, it could be nothing. But if it is something, better to know now than later, especially if you have a history of breast cancer in your family.

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Your Back Always Hurts

No matter how straight backed you stand or how accurate your bra size is, your back kills you at the end of the day, to the point where you're pretty much experiencing chronic back pain. You might feel like a total grandma. Sorry, but if there's nothing wrong with your spine, the culprit might just be your boobs. It's not so much that there's something wrong with your boobs, it's just...your body wasn't meant to handle the boob size that it produced. This might be especially true for those of you who are on the petite side but have very large breasts. You might want to consider a breast reduction in the future--after you've stopped going through puberty--so that you can stop being in pain all the time. I have a friend who did it and she said it was the best thing she could have done for herself.

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You've Felt Really Weird Ever Since You Got That Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercings are huge right now--I'm thanking Rihanna for this one--and while you should be in the clear if you go to a reputable piercer, there is still a risk that you might get an infection. If your nipple piercing has make your skin discolored or is oozing pus, you might be experiencing an allergic reaction from the jewelry. But it's not just obvious symptoms like that which point to a problem with your nipple piercing. Some of the most common signs of a bad nipple piercing are nausea and fatigue. It's your body's way of rejecting the piercing and letting you know that something isn't right. Contact your piercer ASAP and go to the doctor as well. They might be able to prescribe you with an antibiotic or something else that'll heal you right up.

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You Have A Rash

If you don't have any other skin issues like eczema or psoriasis, and you're not using a skin irritating laundry detergent, a rash on your breasts--especially a very painful one--can be a sign of something serious, maybe even the C word. Again, don't panic just yet. Go to the doctor and see what's up: You might just have a run of the mill rash, but if you don't, you'll be glad you found out what's going on early.

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