7 Signs That Your Crush Has Moved On

If you have ever had a crush, you will know that the early stages of having a crush can be nerve-wracking. Exciting, sure, and intoxicating, definitely–the thrill that comes from seeing that they watched your Snapchat story or liked your Instagram selfie truly can’t be beat–but it is not exactly kind to one’s nerves. For many people, part of this anxiety comes from suspecting they they have moved on, while you are still very much committed.

Since dating, for many people, tends to stay firmly in a “liminal” stage for a while–which is to say that it is permanently caught in the ether between “official” and “unofficial” until someone in the relationship decides to do something about it–it can be hard to tell when things have actually ended between you and your crush. This is good if you want everything to stay ~loose~ and ~easy~ for the forseeable future, but not so great if you want to try and make things more official–particularly if you suspect that your crush is losing interest. It’s tough out there! But this is where I come in. Check out some of these surefire signs that your crush has moved on right here:

Their Texting Style Has Changed

Maybe they used to text you every day, but now they only respond when you text them. Or maybe they used to respond within seconds after you'd text them, but now, it takes a few hours. Of course, it's possible that something else is going on--texting habits don't always reflect how a person feels about you--but if you've noticed a big change, and it seems to be staying consistent moving forward, this is a sign that they've probably moved on.

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They Keep Brushing You Off

You text them to hang out, and they say that they have a super busy week. So, you try again next week, and you get the same response. This is basically a soft rejection, and it sucks--it would be nicer to just straight-up tell you how they feel rather than giving you a semblance of hope--but you can take it as a sign that you need to move on, too.

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They Talk About Other Girls In Front Of You

So, maybe your crush has started talking about a new crush that they have, or casually mentioned someone that they've been hooking up with. Ouch. This is the opposite of a soft rejection, and, because of this, it's probably going to really sting if it happens. But, on the plus side, you can take this and use it as the ammo you need to move the hell on--they don't deserve you anyway.

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They Don't Give You As Much Attention On Social Media

Gauging someone's feelings by their social media actions is a pretty precarious road to go down. But, at the same time, it can be a pretty good indicator that someone might not like you as much anymore, particularly if their behavior has changed. Like, maybe they used to watch your story all the time, but now they seem to have stopped. Or they would always throw you a like on pretty much anything you'd post, but now they give you no love. It's totally possible that they're busy, or that they're taking a break from social media altogether, but if a social media blackout is combined with some other things on this list, it might be time to write them off.

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They Won't Make You A Priority

Like, you make plans to hang out, but they blow you off at the last second. Or they stick to the plan to hang out, but make you plan everything and don't seem especially "present" the whole time you're together. This probably isn't super fun for you, first of all, and it's a sign that they probably have one foot out the door already.

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Your Friends Think You Should Move On

Your probably have a pretty good idea of what's going on with your crush, especially if they know your crush personally. Hear what they have to say. If they think you should keep pursuing this person, keep doing it. But if they've gently suggested that you should move on and start talking to other people, listen to them--chances are good that they know something that you don't.

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You Know They're Talking To Someone Else

How do you know that they're talking to someone else? That's unimportant. You just know. If that is the case, girl, get out of there--that's as big a sign as you're ever going to get that they've moved on.

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