7 Honest Things Guys Think About Your Body Hair

First and foremost, your body is YOUR body, and nobody else can tell you what to do with it. If you want your body hair to grow out and be free, do it! If you prefer to be hairless, then go for it! It’s your body. You are the only one who calls the shots, and it’s important to know that. But, as with everything, it is easy to get a little insecure about your body when you’re dating someone. You want to be comfortable with your body, but you might feel insecure or nervous when your’e hooking up with someone on a whim, and realize that you haven’t shaved your legs. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

For some reason, body hair on men is ~chill~ but on women it’s seen as gross or unsanitary. It’s pretty messed up and frustrating, IMO. Of course, some girls don’t care at all and let their hair grow with no worries. Good for them! You might be wanting to do this, especially now as winter is on its way and shaving your legs seems pointless. I mean, leg hair is MEANT to keep your legs warm, but whatever. Some people like to shave or wax, and others don’t. It’s normal to wonder what guys think about that! In a recent Reddit thread, a woman asked what guys REALLY think about girls with body hair, and if they even notice. TBH, these answers are pretty reassuring! If you are feeling self conscious, check out what they said.

They Know It's Normal

Well, duh. Body hair is normal, and it's good that guys realize that! Kouropalates said, "Most, if not all, women get facial hair, so that usual light fuzz also doesn't bother me."

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They Notice But Don't Care

ZacBAnk said, "I hooked up with a girl who had a patch of blonde hair on her lower back, like a lot of it. I cared but it didn't stop me from hooking up with her again" So, even if the guys do notice, most of he time, they won't really care.

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It Depends

Honestly, just like how some girls don't like beards on guys, some guys don't love hair. It shouldn't be a deal breaker, though. Singulaire said, "It really depends on just how much hair there is and how dense/dark/long the hairs are. Every guy is going to have a different threshold, and I don't think we can really put a number on it."

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As Long As It's Clean, It's NBD

VesperX said, "As long as she is hygienic I don’t see it being an issue." This is true - it's normal to have body hair, but if you're not being hygienic about it, that can be a problem.

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It's All About Grooming

CrimsonBolt33 said, "I think its a simple matter of grooming....which is applicable to both men and women. You can have lots of hair and be sexy/good looking and you can have lots of hair and be deplorable." True, you don't have to shave it all, but it will make it easier if you want to tame it or trim it!

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If He Cares About You, It Doesn't Matter

Tekkitan said, "If he cares about you, he's not going to care about a happy trail or arm hair or anything like that. My gf will go a week without shaving her legs and I'll still rub them like I always do because I love her." As long as you are being hygienic, it really shouldn't matter what your partner thinks.

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It's Your Body!

All in all, the most important thing to remember here is that it's YOUR body, not some guys. He shouldn't have a say in what you do or don't do when it comes to your hair. If a guy it really bothered by it, talk to him and explain that you can do whatever you want with your body.

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