7 Sex Positions Everyone Should Try Before They Turn 20

I know that then you’re just starting to have sex, it’s really easy to stick to simple positions like missionary. It’s easy and always feels good, so why try something else, right? Well… sort of. Sure, if you have a good sex grove you’re in, you don’t want to ruin that winning streak. But there are so many other sex positions out there that you might love even more than missionary. How will you ever know unless you try?! The sooner you try, the better they will be.

No offense, but you will get older eventually, and you might not be as flexible as you are now, in your late teens or early twenties. Not only that, but you might get SO used to your “basic” sex positions that you never try out any other ones. So, you might as well try all of the sex positions you can now, while you’re young and have so much time ahead of you, right? I know I sound dramatic, but you won’t know if you like these sex positions until you try them! So, since you’re still young and should explore your sex life a little more, here are some sex positions to try before you turn 20.

Doggy Style

This position is complicated. You either love if or you hate it. But it's definite something that you should try at least once in your teens! Get on all fours, have your bae kneel behind you. Be sure to use a lot of lube to help you out.


Face To Face

Not only is this position super ~intimate~ but it also can help you get deeper penetration. Have your bae sit with their legs open, and you sit with your legs sort of bent. You'll have to do a lot of rocking back and forth, but you should try it!



This one is a little more advanced, but you might as well try it while you're young and limber, right? Have your partner stand up straight, then they help pick up your ankles. Be sure to keep some pillows around in case you....fall.


Thigh Straddle

If you're not super comfortable being on top, try out this position. You get the control of being on top, but your partner can help you if you need support. Have them sit cross-legged then you sit on top and go to town


Rolling In The Deep

This is another one that will give you deeper penetration. Throw a pillow under your hips, then raise your legs all the way up to your partners shoulders. They can help guide you as you get it on!


The Supernova

This one might give your partner a head rush, but it's definitely one you should try! Have them lay with their upper torso off the bed, as you squat on top. It's definitely a different position, but you get total control.


The X Rated

This one will give your partner a good view of your ~behind~, which they might be into! Have your bae lay down, then you lay with your head by their ankles. You will need to adjust yourself to get the angle just right, but it'll be worth it.


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  • Elma Lory

    i get what this post is trying to say but it’s kind of messed up when there are so many other articles on this site about how it’s okay to be a late bloomer sexually and this one doesn’t mention anything at all to that effect