19 Creative DIY Group Costume Ideas Inspired By Movies

Picking a great Halloween costume for yourself is fun, but you know what’s more fun? Picking a great costume for you and your group of friends. Going to a Halloween party dressed up as the same theme with all of your friends is so much more exciting – it’s just a different vibe! I usually do costumes on my own, because I always have specific ideas of what I want to be, but one year my friends and I decided to do something together. We all went as different versions of a zombie, and it was awesome. We had such a good time getting ready together, and all night everyone knew we were a group.

The only annoying thing about picking a group costume is that it can be tough to get everyone to agree on one thing. So why not pick a movie you all love and go from there? Sure, a few people might argue about who gets to be who, but if you pick a good movie, then there are great costumes all around. You can even pick something that allows you to all dress the same – like the Barden Bellas from Pitch Perfect – or you can go for something that lets you show off your personalities – like the Seven Dwarves from Snow White. Whether you want to do something for three people, all your girlfriends, or a big group of guys and girls, we’ve got some creative costume ideas you’ll love. Check out these unique group costume ideas inspired by movies, and pick one for your friends!

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