20 Unique DIY TV Show Costumes For BFFs That Will Impress Everyone

It’s really fun to come up with a unique costume idea for yourself for Halloween – but it’s (arguably) more fun to come up with a unique best friend costume so that you have someone to share the glory with. Plus, it’s just fun preparing and getting ready together! There are lots of options for best friend costumes – you could go with some fun puns, you could take inspiration from cartoon characters, you can copy Disney characters, or you could dress like some of your favorite TV show characters. There’s no shortage of TV show best friends, so why not take advantage of that?

One good thing about TV show BFF costumes – aside from them being cute AF – is that they’re usually pretty easy to put together. TV show characters tend to either wear the same clothes every episode or have a very specific style that is simple to copy. Plus, you can get a better idea of the personality you have to mimic for Halloween, if you’re going to go the ~method actor~ route. So, this year, consider dressing up with your best friend. And, hey, these ideas can also work for couples! Here are a few BFF costume ideas based on TV shows:

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