7 Signs Your Crush Actually Can’t Stand You

You know when you’re a kid and there’s a boy who’s picking on you? Maybe he’s pulling your hair, or snapping your bra strap, or poking fun at you in the hallway. Well, you’ve probably heard this from your parents, a sibling, or anyone else who is older and seemingly wiser: He has a crush on you. Harassment is just a sign of endearment, apparently, when it comes from boys. Weirdly enough, sometimes it’s true. Guys, especially when they’re young, can so bad at displaying sincere adoration that they find any way of getting your attention–even if it’s bad–and consider it an accomplishment. If you ask me, I don’t think we should see boys relentlessly teasing girls as a cute thing because that normalizes harassment, but that’s another rant for another time. Nevertheless, the point I’m trying to get to is this: Sometimes your peer isn’t a jerk to you because they’re a little pest with a crush. Sometimes…well, how do I put this? Well, sometimes people just don’t like you and they’re low key rude about it.

It sucks, I know, but it doubly sucks when that person is someone you have a crush on.

We all want our crushes to like us, and if they don’t like us, most of us will settle for extreme indifference, right? But to have your crush straight up dislike you? I’m shook at the very thought, honestly. I’d rather my crush not know that I exist than be annoyed by my very presence.

So, think about your crush. How do they act around you? Are they chill, or are they a bit of an a-hole? If your crush displays any of these seven signs, then they might just actively dislike you. The truth hurts,

They Never Reply To Your Texts, And When They Do, The Replies Are Short

So, you've hit on them via text and maybe slid into their DMs a couple of times. Unfortunately, this crush of yours never replies to you. Nope, it's not a tech glitch, and they're probably not too ridiculously busy either. They're ignoring you, sis. Oh, and when they do reply--when you get that flutter in your stomach with excitement---you're always disappointed to discover that their reply is short, curt, and devoid of any emotion or interest in continuing your conversation. It's time to take a hint and crush on someone who might actually give you the time of day.

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They Rarely Acknowledge Your Presence

Maybe you two have a similar friend group. Well, whenever you join up with 'em, they straight up act like you're not there. It's like you're nonexistent, a ghost, see through. They'll happily acknowledge everyone else...but you. Woof.

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They're Condescending AF And Don't Seem To Take You Seriously

Unfortunately, this is a tricky one because a lot of people--especially guys who are total know-it-alls--tend to be like this even around people they'd love to hook up with. It's like they can't help themselves! But listen to their tone. Are they particularly snarky and harsh when you two are engaged in some sort of conversation or debate? Do they call your opinions "stupid"? Do they tell you that you don't know what you're talking about? Yeah, this crush of yours has no respect for you and probably wants you to know it.


They Mock You, Often

Look, there's a difference between an eight-year-old boy pulling on your pigtails and a 17-year-old boy making fun of the way you look, or acting like you're stupid, or straight up trolling you. If this crush of yours is plain old mean to you without a hint of true flirtation, then they're just an a-hole and want to hurt your feelings. Someone who really likes you (and is worth liking back) won't use cruelty to appeal to you.

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They're Always Playing Devil's Advocate With You

They'll find a way to pick a fight with you on anything. You'll take position A, and they'll take position B even if they don't even agree with it, just to shut you down and see how wrongheaded you can look. They want to humiliate and frustrate you, and this probably isn't a flirtation technique if it never ends with some pleasant conversation or other niceties.

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Your Friends Have Told You To Forget About Pursing Your Crush

Sometimes, we can't even really tell that someone dislikes us, especially if we're blinded by love and lust and all those other gushy feelings. Our friends, however, might be a little more observant. If your friends regularly tell you to forget about this crush of yours, that it'll never work out, that you two just aren't compatible, and your crush fits more than a few of the personality traits in this post...listen to them. They know what's up. This is especially true if they're friendly or on speaking terms with your crush. Maybe your crush has told them that they're really not into you, but your friends don't have the heart to tell you the truth. Take a hint and listen to them this time, please. The really might know something you don't.


They Always Find A Way To Leave The Group When You Come Through

This is like, petty levels of dislike. You roll up and they immediately realize it's time to roll out. Most people who dislike you won't be this blatant about it, but if your crush does this, please, don't waste your time.

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