7 Surprising Non-Physical Things That Turn Guys On

When it comes to turning on a guy, you might already be an expert. Maybe you know what to wear to look ~sexy~ and you know exactly how to act around a guy to remind him of, like, hooking up. But…do you know how to turn a guy on with conversation alone? Turning someone on is usually thought of as something physical and sexual, but that’s definitely not the only way to get the job done. Dudes get a bad rep, but they can be attracted to things besides your physical appearance, like parts of your personality and how you present yourself.

In a recent Reddit thread, a user asked for some non-physical traits that turns guys on. Basically, anything that doesn’t have to do with looks and all to do with personality. I know it might sound scary, but turning a guy on is actually NBD if you show off your best traits. I know that you have amazing traits, since you’re a ~cool girl~ who can get any guy she wants. If you are looking to up your flirting game and attract your crush, take a look at these non-physical things that turn guys on.


Ambition is pretty important. It shows that you have goals in life, which can be attractive to others!  ITsvegatime said, "I honestly don't care where she is in her life when we meet, she could be rock bottom but if she has ambition and strive to get somewhere, that's what I like."

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Kindness And Affection

RealfoxD said, "A kind, affectionate, supportive personality. " Kindness is also a huge deal. Playing hard to get can come off as rude or cold, which is why kindness is always the way to go. Unless they are rude to you, of course.

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This sort of goes along with ambition. Being passionate about things shows that you can care and have interests in things, even if it's something as small as a TV show or book. Justj6sh said, "Passion. Whether its her job, hobbies, or whatever, its great to see a woman who is passionate about things even if its not something I feel the same about."

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Girls Who Make The First Move

Dicklord_airplane said, "When women come on to me. It is so refreshing when a girl actually makes the effort to talk to me, compliment me, and show me that she's interested. It makes a girl 100 times more attractive in my eyes because its so ridiculously rare." I know it's scary to make the first move, and you shouldn't do it if you're not comfortable with it! But it can really help make a guy interested in you.

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Communication is key! Itsvegatime said, "Communication.. I feel like most people lack this nowadays and it's killer." It sounds so simple, but being open and honest is the most important thing when talking to someone.

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When Girls Can Carry A Conversation

TBH, this makes sense! It can be incredibly awkward talking to to someone who just leaves you with one word answers. As Anotherside714 said, "It drives me wild when I can have a good, genuine conversation with a woman, and not feel like I'm carrying it by myself."

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Good Listeners

Not only is talking important, but so is listening! NotYourMudkip said, "Being a good listener and observer." It will show that you're actually interested in them, which is important.

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