13 Reasons Why Guys Can’t Be Feminists

If you are reading this right now, I am going to go ahead and assume that you have, at some point in your life, met a man. Specifically, a man who calls himself a feminist. And, if this is the case for you, I am sorry.

To be clear, men can (and should!) be able to call themselves feminists. But so many men don’t seem to realize that being a feminist means that they have to actually, I don’t know, listen to actual women rather than using feminism as a platform for them to shout out certain feminist buzzwords as a means of promoting their own agenda and squashing that of women is not exactly a feminist.

Basically, the men who loudly proclaim that they, Bradley Brett Peters, white male, are the only true feminist left in the world and refuse to hear any of your thoughts on the matter? They’re not really a feminist, and they’re not really your friend. So, check out some men who make a really good case for the argument that men can’t be feminists right here:

1. Let’s start this off, um, horribly, shall we?

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2. It gets worse:


3. A male feminist, you see, is someone who doles out only the most patronizing of compliments, and only to women:



4. And loves to tell women (but only the ones they want to sleep with!) that they are a feminist:



5. And lets their partner know that they are the only person in the world who will ever appreciate them and their very specific body type:


6. And constantly talks about how much they love and respect the female form, but, uh, don’t. Or, at the very least, literally only respect their form:


7. Uses “sex positive” as a buzzword to gain feminism points, but only understand it in a way that directly applies to them personally:



8. Speaking of faux-female empowerment male feminists:



9. Also related:


10. AHEM:


11. I’m…so tired:


12. K:



13. Bye!

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