Quiz: Do You Have A Crush On Your BFF?

Having a crush on anyone can be tough. Having a crush on your BFF can be… terrible. Even worse? Feeling confused about whether you like this person in a romantic way or just a friendly way. Sometimes, the lines between friendship and something more can become a little blurred, especially if you two spend a ton of time together and confide in each other. Sometimes you start to feel like you might have a crush, but you don’t want to ruin things between you so you push the feelings aside. Other times, your BFF is a girl, and you wonder if you like like them, but you feel confused because you’ve never liked girls before, and you have no idea what’s going on. Trying to figure out if you have a crush on your BFF is frustrating!


So, you either like your friend, or you don’t. Do you love them in a sibling-type way, or in a “I want to make out with you” type of way? How do you even figure that out? You can start by listening to your heart… or just by taking this quiz. It will help you figure out if you just LIKE your BFF, or maybe you like-like them. And then that will help you figure out where you should go from there. I know it’s scary, but I promise, you will be okay!

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