18 Jokes You’ll High Key Relate To If You’re Depressed

If you have ever dealt with depression, you will know that, on the whole, the entire experience is not exactly something that one might call “funny.” No one’s anecdotal experience with depression is exactly the same as that of another person, of course, but most people experience some overlapping side effects, like a lack of appetite. An inability to get out of bed. Knowing that you should shower, or drink some water, or do something that isn’t sitting there in your unwashed class t-shirt from sixth grade and watching, like, episode after episode of Law and Order. Not really great material for jokes.

Except, you know, it kind of is. For whatever reason, many of the best jokes–particularly the ones on Twitter and Tumblr–have to do with being depressed in some way.

To be perfectly clear, depression itself is very much not a joke. If you are experiencing it, please do your best to reach out for help.  (This is a great place to start.) But, when done correctly, jokes about depression and anxiety can be pretty funny–and, for what it is worth, can make dealing with it just a little bit easier. So, check out these jokes you’ll high key relate to if you deal with depression:

1. This sums up pretty much every social interaction you’ve ever had:



2. Also, this:



3. And everyone tends to offer you the…exact same advice:



4. Which, obviously, totally works:



5. Nice:



6. Same:



7. Sending a message to the big man upstairs:



8. Talking to your brain:



9. On the plus side, it makes you a pretty empathetic person:



10. But maybe not so great at planning ahead:



11. Who can’t relate?


12. Relationship goals:



13. Oops:



14. Relatable:


15. Ah, those depression meals:



16. Anyway!


17. Do you ever just feel, like, personally attacked?



18. If so, just keep this in mind:


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