8 Annoying Things You Do That You Think Make Yourself Look Cooler And Smarter

We’ve all tried to act a lot cooler (and a lot smarter) than we really are. If you haven’t, well, you’re a liar to be honest. Yes, even those of us who wax poetic about how important it is to be ourselves, to be genuine, to not care what other people think of you are susceptible to trying way to hard to impress others by acting like a different person. Whether it’s trying to seem alluring around our crush, or making the cool girl in class give you a seal of approval, or gaining clout points on Instagram, we’ve had our moments of being total posers for likability points.

Some of us, however, do this a lot more often than others.

Yes, I’m calling you out, and not from a high horse because I’ve done it more times than I care to admit! The thing is, while you’ll fool people into believing you sometimes, there are other times when this attempt to look oh so smart and oh so cool will backfire. Maybe someone calls you out as a fraud, or your friends start to side eye you, or you’ll just obviously look like a try hard, or you’ll just feel like garbage because you were trying to fake it to make it. It’s best to avoid that, sis. Sometimes, trying to seem super smart or super holier than thou just makes you look ridiculous at best and like a jerk at worst. And by sometimes…maybe I mean often. You’re rad enough without having to put on a bunch of BS airs for other people, you know? So if you do any of these eight annoying things you think make you look cool (but don’t), let’s try to nip it in the bud, shall we?

Acting Like Your Taste In Music, Movies, And TV Shows Is Oh So Refined

Look, you're not the first person to watch Twin Peaks or listen to Radiohead or enjoy French New Wave movies. You just aren't. It's okay to like things that are critically acclaimed or enjoyed by a niche group of intellectuals, and it's cool to also like not-so-refined stuff too. You can enjoy Palo Alto and Hannah Montana reruns at the same time. It's really easy to tell when someone brags about their taste when their taste shows absolutely zero diversity. There isn't a single person on the planet who only likes high brow stuff. You'll quickly out yourself as a fraud if you keep up this act.


Acting As If You Have Vices When You Don't

If you don't smoke, don't act like you do to seem cool. I'm not saying that to sound like an After-School Special, I'm saying that because you're going to make a fool out of yourself hacking up a lung while you try oh-so-hard to fit in with the kids who smoke at lunch. You don't want to be friends with people who you think need to see you smoke, drink, or do drugs to be down anyway.


Pretending To Be More Sexually Advanced Than You Are

Hey, you don't have to make sure everyone you ever hook up with knows your sexual history (or lack thereof). You could be a virgin, never tell your partner when you two finally have sex, and that would be totally fine. But if you give the impression to your partner, friends, and others that you're this sexpert when you aren't...you're just walking into a super awkward scenario. Imagine giving your partner the impression that you're really experienced in bed even though you have your v-card, only to have them realize in a super mortifying way that you were definitely lying. Avoid, sis.


Putting On A Disinterested/Chill Air

It's like someone decided that whoever can seem the most disaffected, blasé, and bored is deemed the coolest. I've been attracted to plenty of people like this before, people who intimidated me because I saw their seeming lack of interest and "too-cool-for-this" air as intriguing. The thing is...it's actually pretty cool to be emotive? You don't have to be stoic and uncaring to be cool. It's actually cool to not act like the world has to be curated to your interests, because you can really easily look like an absolute a-hole otherwise. I'm not saying you have to walk around with a smile on your face all the time--I hate when people tell me to smile--but you don't have to look like a sardonic, too-cool-for-life a**hole either.

Correcting People's Typos And Mispronunciations All The Time

Don't be the person on Twitter who thinks the most killer comeback comes in the form of correcting someone's grammatical error. Don't be the person who clowns their friend for pronouncing the l in "salmon." Maybe you're not doing that to show off, but you still look like a jerk. You don't have to "Levi-OH-sa" every situation, Hermione.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Being A Book Snob

Wow, you've read Infinite Jest and every Jane Austen novel. People who should actually matter in your life and aren't pretentious pricks won't care if you've read more Archie and Jughead comics than great American novels. This isn't the measure of intelligence that you think it is.

Gilmore Girls

Only Rocking What's Super Trendy Because You Want To Look Cool

Don't you want to be known for someone who has their own personality, not someone who is a total follower? Cool. So then don't just start buying a certain type of clothes to adapt to the look of the cool people you look up to at a given time. Doesn't matter if it's a group of super preppy girls or the group of girls who wear a lot of black and always whisper to each other in the back of the classroom, do you. If the people you want to befriend are your real friends, they'll be cool with you no matter how you dress.


Making Up Things About Yourself So People Can Feel Bad For You

I hate that I have to say it, but I do. I'll keep it short: There are tons of marginalized people out there who are hurting because they deal with a society that isn't super accepting of their mental illness, or sexuality, etc. And yet, there are people who think that those same people get preferential treatment, attention, or even cool points for their marginalization. Yeah, uh, don't co-opt someone else's struggle for attention, seriously. Don't pretend to be depressed or bi to seem more interesting and dynamic. It's super insulting.


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