15 Inspirational Tumblr Posts You Need To See Today

I am going to go ahead and assume that, right now, you’re feeling a little down. The world is always a scary place, but it seems to have gotten significantly scarier and darker over the past 48 hours. And, because of this, you could probably use some encouragement. Like, now.

Obviously, the mere act of looking at comforting photos and quotes obviously won’t help to fix anything that’s going on in the world. So, please, contact your representatives about gun violence (Resistbot is a great place to start), donate to Puerto Rico and other places impacted by natural disasters that so badly need assistance right now (you can do so here, here, and here), and continue to fight for things you feel passionate about. But it can be easy to become so consumed with the knowledge of the problems in the universe–which, to be clear, are numerous and cannot be ignored–that you burn out in your quest to deal with them. So, if you’re feeling discouraged, check out some inspirational Tumblr posts you probably need to see today:

1. Knowing that the universe has some good things out there:



2. This highly specific, but weirdly soothing scent-induced memory that everyone seems to share:



3. This inspirational speech:



4. This important reminder:



5. And this one:



6. Also, this one:



7. The idea that, one day, you may be able to open up your own restaurant:



8. This!!



9. This amazing textual shutdown:



10. Knowing that, if you have a child, they may one day grow up to talk like Dio:



11. Realizing that, in the grand scheme of things, penises are barely even that important:



12. Knowing that, if a job is crap, you can quit like this one day:



13. The possibility of becoming this unbothered one day:



14. Or perhaps even THIS unbothered:



15. And, finally, the greatest poem that has ever been written:


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