11 Ways To Make Mornings Easier If You Hate Waking Up

Recently, I have had to come to terms with one very unpleasant revelation about myself: I am not, and never have been, a morning person. Is this the worst revelation that one might have? No. There are much worse things that could be realized from an internal interrogation. But this is especially bad for me because, for the longest time, I have really wanted to be a morning person. I like the idea of being a morning person, and will sometimes do my very best to try and make it happen for myself–setting my alarm for some aspirational, ungodly hour and setting out exercise clothes in hopes of starting my day with something that gets my blood moving–but, as soon as my alarm goes off, I often find that sleeping in a few extra minutes (or, um, hours, depending on the day) takes precedent over all of my best intentions.

Perhaps you can relate. But, apparently, it doesn’t have to be this way! There are a bunch of ways to make mornings easier, even for someone as snooze button-attached as myself. So, check out these ways to make your mornings easier if you, like me, really hate waking up:

1. Do your best not to press snooze:


I know! It’s hard not to. But, if you think about it, you don’t really benefit all that much from the snooze button–all it gives you is five or ten minutes of fitful, broken slumber. To make it easier not to press snooze a thousand times, try putting your phone/alarm clock a few feet away from your bed. This way, you’ll actually have to get up to turn off the alarm.


2.  Make a comprehensive morning and evening routine:



If you want to have a good morning, you need to start the previous day. So, make sure you’re going to bed at a reasonable time and planning out your evening in order to make the next day go smoothly.


3.  Plan out your outfit for the next day:



It doesn’t have to be anything fancy–just check the weather the evening before and lay out an outfit that works for the day. This will save you at least ten minutes in the morning.


4. Make a  morning schedule–and stick to it:



Obviously, it doesn’t have to be exactly like the one above. But try and figure out something, since having a sense of routine makes it easier to get up earlier and complete everything you need to get done.


5. Write out your morning routine:



This makes it easier to stick to and plan around effectively.


6.  Do some yoga as soon as you wake up:



It might not be exactly what you want to be doing right when you wake up, but if you get into the habit of doing it, you’ll start to feel happier and more energized throughout the day.


8. Or do any kind of exercise:



It doesn’t have to be yoga! You can try the workout above or simply go for a quick walk. The point is to get your blood moving, which will help you feel more awake.


9. Make your breakfast ahead of time:



Waking up in the morning is significantly easier if you have some food that you’re excited about eating waiting for you in the fridge. So, make your breakfast the night before and use it as your motivation to get out of bed.


10.  Utilize natural light:



As soon as you wake up, open your blinds. Or, if it’s still dark outside, turn on your lamp. Or do both! Seeing light tricks your brain into thinking it’s more awake, so getting some brightness in your room will definitely benefit you in the morning.


11. Do stuff that makes you happy:



Sure, this is easier said than done when it’s 7 AM, you’re on your way to school, and you just realized that you totally forgot to do today’s chemistry homework. But if you find just one thing to do in the morning that makes it easier for yourself–like drinking fresh juice or taking your dog for a walk–do it! Your whole day will go significantly smoother if you do this.



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