7 Fall Fashion Trends You Shouldn’t Try This Year

I’m all for trying new trends. In fact, I encourage it! Trying out new things is fun, especially when it comes to fashion trends. But you have to admit, not every trend is, well…good. A lot of trends this past summer were cool, like off the shoulder shirts and sheer dresses. Now that it’s fall, there is a whole new crop of “trends” that are popping up everywhere. Some of them are cool, like puffer jackets and blanket scarves, but some of them just need to stop.

If you want to try these trends, by all means, go ahead. But a lot of them are silly and not worth the money. I know that you will see models wearing this stuff and think you need to cop it immediately, but they might not be the right trends for you. They might look good on runways, but IRL, these trends are just bad. If you want to steer clear of the bad looks this year, check out the fall trends that you should probably skip.

Platform Crocs

I thought that this was photo-shopped, but it's not! Platform Crocs are actually a "thing" that have been popping up, most recently at Paris fashion week. Don't they look a little dangerous to you? What happens if you trip? I don't know, it just doesn't seem like a good idea.


Logo Overload

Wearing a shirt with a logo was a "cool" thing to do, but now it just seems like a walking advertisement. Is it really worth the money? IMO, it's not.

Urban Outfitters

Kitten Heels

So, kitten heels are back. And I don't know why they freak me out so much, but they do. I guess it just looks like you are balancing on a pixie stick.  They are such a weird length and don't really make you any taller, TBH. Just skip them.


Puka Shell Necklaces

According to the runways, puka shell necklaces are coming back. I don't know about you, but every time I see a puka shell necklace, I am reminded of all the early '00s f***boys who wore these all the time. I don't want to relive those times!


Low Rise Jeans

As Gurl writer Ashley pointed out - this trend should have never happened. Sure, it was fun in the '90s, but these jeans should never make a comeback. Your underwear will show, it will look awkward...it's not not okay.

American Eagle

Butt Crack Jeans

Guys...why? I mean, really...why is this a thing? What is the point? They are just jeans, with a weird opening in the back, and a "butt crack" illusion. I don't know what the designers were thinking? But the scary part is that people are actually wearing them. WHY?!


Graphic Tees With Dumb Sayings

I love a good graphic tee, don't get me wrong. But some of these have gotten too wild. Sure, it's fun to express yourself with a cute graphic tee. But...what do some of these even mean? And why are they so overpriced? It's time for this trend to end.

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