8 Ways To Feel Better When You Feel Bad About Yourself

I frequently feel bad about myself. There – I said it! I’m not ashamed. For example, this past weekend, I was feeling particularly low, so I ate a ton of ice cream and watched Titanic. Of course, that made me feel worse, but at least I had some ice cream. It’s okay to feel bad sometimes. It happens to everyone on earth and if someone says that they never feel bad about themselves, they are probably lying. I mean, I’m sure Beyonce feels low sometimes! We are all just human! But, even though we are just human, it does not mean that we have to stay feeling crappy all the time.

Obviously, everyone can feel bad for a number of reasons. But a common feeling is just that “low” feeling you get when things aren’t going your way. Maybe your crush got a new girlfriend, or your having some issues with your family. There are a lot of reasons why you might be feeling bad about yourself, and while it does suck, there are some ways to cope. I know that when you feel bad, you think you’re going to feel that way forever, but I promise, you won’t! If you’re struggling, take a look at some of these tips from Reddit to help you feel better.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

CastInsteel said, "Stop living your life through the eyes of other people." This is my biggest issue- I always think about how other people see me, instead of how I see myself. It makes a huge difference! Do things for YOU, not for others. You will start to feel better, I promise.

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Reach Out To Friends

I know you probably tend to be antisocial when you are feeling low, but it's important to reach out to friends or family. Airynan said, "Reach out to your parents if you have a good relationship with them, or to a friend, anyone. Seriously, it helps more than you think it will." It really does help to contact others.

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Remember Your Achievements

TBH, you're awesome! It can be easy to forget that, though. So, if you're feeling low, try to think about all the good things you've done. As Airynan said, "try to bring up memories to yourself of times you did something good, or cool, or impressive, even old memories. Try to focus on these good traits that you already have."

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Make Small Steps

If you're feeling overwhelmed about the things you have to do, write them down and take it step by step. Hobbesnblue said, "I try to take small, achievable steps to improve myself/my situation at least a tiny bit, and for me, those teeny steps make it easier to move toward bigger ones." This is a good way to build yourself up to trying harder tasks. You've got this!

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Consider Therapy

Viralatas said, "Please consider getting professional help, if you can afford it. If you're feeling worthless for no good reason (or like I did, as soon as I woke up everyday), it might mean bad brain chemistry is playing tricks on you. My depression started like that and unfortunately I only got serious help after a bad crisis." This is actually super important. I know therapy sounds scary, but it can also help a lot if nothing else is making you feel better.

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Take A Break

You don't have to be strong all the time, you know. It's okay to take some time to take care of yourself. As mrhydra said, "I take a day to wallow and then just try harder. No one is great all the time. When I feel like crap about my job I remind myself that I HAVE a job and I haven't been fired through all my hiccups and kind of big screw ups."

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Appreciate Your Good Qualities

Loopedtwice said, "I look in the mirror and make myself list off 3 things I like about my features out loud. Then I list off 1 or two things I know I'm talented at and I focus on doing that for a portion of that day. Then do something else you really enjoy all by yourself.  Sometimes when I'm feeling super low and just need a compliment, I put on whatever I've gotten compliments on in the past, which for me is red lipstick, and then I go sit at my favorite small local bar and call and a family member or friend or a read a book. " This is so beautiful! And very true!

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Realize It's Okay To Mess Up

Listen, I mess up all the time. It happens to everyone. As westphelia said, "Allow yourself to make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, we just focus on our own more than those of others. That's how you learn and become better"

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