15 Chic Ways To Wear Patterned Tights This Fall

It is finally, finally, starting to feel like fall these days. I mean, I’m wearing boots today, which is a pretty good sign. The weather is going to get chilly, which might be a bad thing for all you summer-lovers out there, but us fall people are thriving! No more shorts and sweaty outfits, it’s time for cozy sweaters, dresses and, my favorite item of all, tights. I’ll give you a little backstory: my junior year of high school, I got annoyed with all of the boys talking about “no-shave November” so I made my own theme: no pants November. For the month, I only wore dresses and tights. And it changed me! I didn’t wear pants for a whole year after that. REALLY.

Sure, I love a good pair of jeans at this point in my life, but I’m pretty dedicated to the tights life. I wear them all the time, and fall is the best time to rock them. My favorite kinds of tights are the ones with pretty patterns and designs. Yes, regular, plain tights are cool, but so are patterned tights, so I’m going to show you some pretty and chic ways to wear patterned tights this fall. Check them out!

1. Add a pair of knee-highs for a pretty look:


2. Pair them with sneakers for a relaxed but cool look:


3. They can even dress up some work boots and make them look ~trendy~:


4. Go bold with a brightly colored jacket over a plain dress with patterned tights. It’s the perfect mix of patterns and textures:


5. Try a different look and add colored tights to match your outfit for a pretty pop of color:

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6. Or, try an all-black outfit, then add bright tights for a unique look:


7. Tiny polka dots can go with basically any outfit, and look great with a pair of heels:

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8. You can even wear them over a pair of black shorts and a plain top to mix it up:


9. Black patterned tights look SO cool with a pair of plain white sneakers:


10 .If you want to be bold, wear some tights under a bodysuit. Through on a leather or fur jacket for an extra cool touch:


11. Also – tights and oxfords look so chic with a cute fall dress or skirt:


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12. Who says rompers are only for summer? Add some pretty fishnets or patterned tights for a fall look:


13. Fringe is in this fall, which makes this fringe/tights looks super trendy:


14. Honestly, you can make your athleisure look super trendy with some tights:


15. Try them with an over sized sweatshirt and some white sneakers for a cool vibe:

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