15 Unique DIY Spongebob Halloween Costumes

If I had to pick one television show that seems to have a firm grasp on the millennial-plus demographic (which is to say the younger three-quarters of millennials, plus the teenage portion of Gen Z) it would have to be SpongeBob Squarepants.

I mean, what else could it be? SpongeBob has been on television since 1999 and, even if it gets canceled one day, it is sure to have a pretty decent internet half-life, thanks to the many memes (Caveman Spongebob, Confused Mr. Krabs, and Mocking Spongebob) that have been made in its image. Because of this, if you are looking for a Halloween costume to wear this year, it might be worth investing in a Spongebob costume. Most things relating to Spongebob are instantly recognizable, relatively easy to put together, and of course, bound to get a decent amount of Instagram likes. So, check out these awesome DIY Spongebob costumes you need to rock this year:


The Pineapple Under The Sea

Spongebob would be nothing without his pineapple under the sea! So, you might as well dress up like one this Halloween. ]This is a good costume because it's not, like, overtly Spongebob-related, but those who know will really love it.

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Human Spongebob

If you want to make Spongebob look a little more, well, human, put on a blonde wig, draw on some fake freckles, and, if you're feeling extra, some blue contacts. It definitely looks recognizable, but it's still distinctly human.

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Sexy Patrick

Remember when Patrick was sexy? Pay homage to that ~iconic~ moment with this costume. All you need to construct it are fishnet tights, bike shorts, high heels, and a pink t-shirt.

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Doodlebob (With T-Shirt)

Doodlebob (whose main mission, if you will recall, is to destroy Spongebob) is a great costume option, particularly if you're putting something together last minute. All you need is a big white t-shirt, a Sharpie, and a big pencil.

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Doodlebob (Advanced)

Or, if you are really committed to putting together a convincing Doodlebob look, make this one with a box.

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Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Cheeks is the most iconic character on the show, so it stands to reason that any costume made in her image is also iconic.

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Spongebob And Patrick With T-Shirts

Don't have a lot of time? Just grab a Spongebob and Patrick tee for you and your BFF and pair it with a tutu.

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Remember the episode when Squiidward tried to lure a SeaBear? IT was amazing. Iconic. And, if you wear this costume, it could be you, too.

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The Whole Gang

If you have a large group of friends that wants to do a group costume, you can put together something that works for everyone by picking and choosing from these options.

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Pearl IRL

I'm...obsessed with this Pearl costume. It's totally cute on its own, but it still definitely looks like Pearl. If you can find a Spongebob food truck at your local carnival to pose by, that's just an added bonus.

Image Source

Authentic Pearl

or, if you'd like a slightly more traditional-looking Pearl costume, make a whale's head out of cardboard and paper mache, then pair with a pink dress with the distinctive "P" on the front.

Image Source

Spongebob T-Shirt

You can make Spongebob a little ~sexier~, should you so desire, by wearing a crop top with his face on it. Top it off with some suspenders and fake freckles and you'll be all set!

Image Source

Spongebob And Patrick

If you have a yellow dress, and your BFF has a pink one (or vice-versa), and you both have some butterfly nets, you basically have to be Spongebob and Patrick for Halloween this year, right?

Image Source

Spongebob And Patrick For Couples

Spongebob and Patrick could also be a pretty good costume for couples, regardless of gender. Particularly if one of you is fond of pink body paint.

Image Source

Human Gary

Ah, yes--a human Gary costume. My fellow Gurl writer Ashley Reese said that this looks like something that Bella Thorne would wear to rave, so now I can't un-see that, but it's a pretty convincing look nonetheless.

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