11 Clothing Stores That Are Actually Worth The Splurge

Imagine this: For once, you have a good chunk of change to spend on whatever you want. Maybe you got the money as a gift, maybe it’s your hard earned cash from your hellish part-time job. Whatever the source, you want to be smart about how you spend your loot. Of course, you can save it all, which is by far the most responsible thing to do. But, hey, you also deserve to treat the hell out of yourself too. Assuming you go with the latter, you’re destined to run into the following predicament: Do you spend your money on one expensive item, or a bunch of cheaper ones?

This is a particularly hard decision when you’re thinking about clothing and beauty products. Do you buy a bunch of lipsticks or that one, life-changing serum that everyone swears by? Do you buy a bunch of cheap tops or one amazing leather jacket that’s to die for? I used to be someone who would always rather go for a bunch of cheaper gifts for myself as opposed to spending all my money in one place. I always thought I got more gratification from a bunch of things than just one thing. But these days, I relish splurging on one, big-ticket item. If you’re leaning toward that the next time you’ve got some money to burn, this is the post for you. Check out these 11 stores that are actually worth the splurge. If you’re looking for high quality products that you’ll adore, start here.



UNIF’s clothes are fun, ’90s inspired, and–frankly–a little pricey. But after buying a pair of boots and a super warm multicolored sweater (which I ALWAYS get compliments on) from there, I’ve realized that their products are worth the money. You can buy a great pair of chunky boots for less than $150, and a pair of cool jeans for around $70. Their most popular sweaters will usually set you back at least $80, but you’ll wear them so often that it’ll practically pay for itself.


2. The Reformation

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The Reformation sells high quality, sustainably sourced clothes made in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for clothes that are trendy but not luridly flashy with an ethical twist, this is where you want to spend your coin. I’ve been lusting after a leather jacket they sold for well over a year now, and I’m hoping it comes back in stock when my bank account looks a little less depressing.


3. Madewell

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People swear by Madewell’s jeans, but that’s not the only thing they excel at. Their shoes are also top notch, as are their high quality leather bags (which you can get monogrammed if you want to be extra AF). Definitely consider saving up before browsing, though: Nearly all of their jeans will set you back at least $100.


4. Samantha Pleet

If you’re on the lookout for unique clothes from an independent designer, look no further than Samantha Pleet. Her clothes are truly for those of you with a slightly more whimsical taste in fashion. You’ll find amazing jumpsuits, flared jeans, and dresses that look like nothing else in any store, period.


5. Mara Hoffman

You know those stores/brands that you love so much that you literally can’t get their clothes out of your head? Those stores where you wish you made more money just so you can buy those clothes? Yep, I get that feeling when I browse Mara Hoffman. The bold use of color and pattern is exciting AF, but the silhouettes are super minimalist, which is kind of like the best of both worlds, honestly. If you have a ton of money to burn, check ’em out and try not to fall in love with something. I dare you.


6. Everlane

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Everlane is awesome because their clothes are ethically made and aren’t upmarked quite as much as comparable designer labels. But while some of their staples are on the cheaper side–you can cop their jeans for $68–their shoes, sweaters, and dresses are often over $100. But if you love clothes that are timeless and you’re willing to spend money on good quality, check ’em out.

7. Nordstrom

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Nordstrom has always been one of the more intimidating department stores because they were always considered–in my book–one of the more expensive ones. But while they’re not cheap, they have a ton of variety to check out and they often have pretty massive sales. Department stores aren’t so sexy for Millennials or Gen X, but take the plunge and hit this one up when you’re looking for a nice dress or a killer pair of shoes.

8. Need Supply

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If you’re going to shop somewhere with high prices, at least make sure they have sales that are worth your while. Luckily, Need Supply is one of those shops. They pretty regularly offer a lot of designer clothes that you would never be able to afford at full price for pretty steep discounts, so keep your eyes peeled.

9. Frye Shoes

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I’m going to be honest: I’m skeptical of boots that are too cheap. A good boot should hold up for years, and I’m willing to pay a little extra money to assure that that happens. If you’re with me on that, check out Frye shoes. You’ll find some boots and other high quality shoes that won’t fall apart after a few wears.

10. Lazy Oaf

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Colorful, funky, and trendy without being obnoxious, Lazy Oaf is a London based brand that knows how to have fun. Cop some cute skirts or sweaters with snarky (but not corny) sayings on them, and really killer printed blouses. If your wardrobe is vibrant, Lazy Oaf will be a welcome addition to your closet.


11. Fjallraven

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I’m going to be honest, the aesthetics of this backpack were enough to justify spending over $50 on a tiny lil’ backpack. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Fjallraven backpacks hold up really well and fit far more than you expect. They also come in a zillion colors, so you’ll have a hard time not collecting a few in all your favorite colors.


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