6 Tricks Every Famous Instagrammer Uses To Make Their Photos Look Better Than They Are

Instagram models can be summed up in one simple quote from Elf:


Have you ever seen an Instagram model in real life? Because it’s underwhelming. You might expect to see someone who looks like a celebrity, but in reality, they are just regular people who take a lot of photos. Some of them look completely different IRL, so much so that you might not even notice them. And do you know why this is?

Because Instagram is a sham; it’s a giant platform for people to show off like they’re hot shit, when in reality they’re broke and eat lettuce six times a day. But how do the most successful Instagram models make themselves look hotter in their pictures than they do in real life? It all comes down to angles, cameras, body posture and lighting  and we’ve pulled from some of the most popular accounts to show the most frequently-used tricks. There’s nothing wrong with building an Instagram persona if that’s what makes you happy – and there’s definitely nothing wrong with wanting to edit your photos to make your life look a little more sparkly. So, here a few tricks that will make your photos look better than they are:

1. Position Your Legs To Make Your Butt Look More Round.

There are a few tricks when it comes to making your booty pop for photos, but the most-used one has to be popping your leg up. Go ahead and scroll through Jen Selter’s Instagram and you’ll see 90 percent of her pictures include this:

Ladies, train with me! Link in my bio ????

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A snack ?

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See ya soon Vegas! Excited to meet y'all at the Olympia tomorrow ?

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You get it.

Keep one leg straight with a flat foot, then move your other leg forward while bending the knee and popping your heel up. This stance rounds your butt out to make it look bigger than it is while also flexing your leg muscles to make you look toned. Ever see a picture where Jen Selter is standing straight? No? That’s because dat ass is mostly from posing.


2. Don’t Use Flash. EVER.

This should go without saying, but no one in the history of humankind has ever looked good in a photo taken with the flash on. Take a look at Kylie Jenner’s Instagram:

Rosé ?

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throwback ? Mary Jo is the perfect red @kyliecosmetics ♥️

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All those pictures are done in natural lighting, which is part of why she looks good. But in artificial lighting?

mornings 🙂

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Meh. Even if the natural light isn’t so bright, it’s still preferable to turning on a lamp.


A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on


3. Embrace That “S” Shape

This should go without saying, but your body is beautiful as it is. You don’t need to alter it. You don’t need to make it look different. And I am NOT just saying that. That said, some people feel more comfortable doing so – and that’s okay too. If you want to look skinner and more toned than you actually are, an easy trick is to keep your hips in one place and then shift your torso to the side so that your body is more like an “S” than a straight “I.” Check out Khloe Kardashian:

Hip is popped up and her torso is shifted to the left. She uses this trick in a bunch of pictures rather than standing up straight:

❣️I Love Myself A Mirror Selfie❣️

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The key is to make that S-curve subtle so that no one looking at the picture questions whether you have scoliosis.


4. Always Angle Your Camera And Face Upwards

Open your camera right now and take a selfie while you’re looking down. Doesn’t look so hot, huh? You probably have a double chin poking out and there’s a great view directly up your nose. Your face will always look thinner and your jawline more defined if you angle your face upwards, like this:

my heart, my roots, my hometown.

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It also helps if the camera is slightly below your level so that it’s always angled up. Taking a picture from a lower angle makes the subject look taller and thinner.


5. Don’t Take Pictures Using The Instagram App

The Instagram app may seem like the way to go at first, but your phone’s camera is probably better off standalone. The Instagram camera always delivers photos that are kind of blurry and not as defined:


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6. Be A Cheater

At the end of the day no picture is going to be 100 percent perfect. “But then how do all the Kardashians get their pictures so FLAWLESS???” you wonder in frustration. Well, the simple answer is that they cheat. The simple answer explained slightly more is that they use photo-editing apps to make their pictures look better. These apps can fix everything, from frizzy hair to yellow teeth to weird shadows going on in the background, meaning that the picture you took can come out completely different from the one you post. Is it cheating? Absolutely! But when everyone and their mother is using YouCam Perfect, Perfect365 and Facetune to make themselves prettier, who really cares?

@kkwbeauty powder contour and highlight kits are launching this month. Stay tuned for the reveal. #KKWBEAUTY

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Kim DOES actually have pores! You just wouldn’t know it from this picture.

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