14 1950’s Halloween Costumes For Retro Lovers

Scratching your head at where your Halloween inspiration could come from? Why not look to the past? No, I don’t mean what you wore last year. I mean to decades gone by. While it’s fun to dress up as the latest meme of the hottest celebrity, it’s also fun to remember the past with a throwback Halloween costume.

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite decades has always been the 1950’s. Maybe it’s the glamour, maybe it’s the only movies, or maybe it’s the fact that people knew how to pull off a pair of high-waisted pants like it was nobody’s business. Despite it happening a long time ago, the 50’s, still serve as a major influence for fashion, film, and more. So, why not reference them with your Halloween costume?

If you’re a bit rusty with your 1950’s knowledge, don’t worry. Instead of consulting a textbook, check out this list of some of the cutest DIY costumes that are inspired by the decade.

Have you ever rocked a retro-inspired Halloween costume? Let us know in the comments!

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