15 Hilarious BFF Pun Costumes Nobody Will Think Of

I doubt you know this about me, since I am just your online friend and we don’t know each other IRL (probably) but I effing love puns. They are so ridiculous and most of the time they are not funny, but just let me have this, okay? The world is a mess right now, and sometimes I just want to laugh at some puns. Is that too much to ask?! I don’t think so! So, when I was browsing through some Halloween costumes for ideas, I cam across an entire sub-genre of Halloween costumes that are all about puns. And they are… amazing.

YES, they are silly and stupid and YES I understand that, but some of them are super creative and make for hilarious costumes that nobody will think of. After all, you want to be the one with the most creative costume, right? Duh. So, if you and your BFF want to stand out from the crowd this Halloween, take a look at these hilarious and creative pun costumes.

Dunkin' Donuts

Get it? They are donuts that also dunk baskets! It's cute and a pretty easy costume to pull off. If you don't have an inflatable doughnut laying around, you can also just carry around REAL doughnuts to snack on all night. Genius!


Party Animals

This is a cute and super easy DIY costume. Wear a "party" outfit and add some cat ears for a last minute punny costume.


Corn Dog

This is cute and super creative, TBH. I don't think anyone else will think of this one! Dress as a head of corn, then have your BFF dress as a dog for a super unique costume that is also pretty effing cute.


Copy Cat

This is clever! You and your BFF dress as an identical cat, and one of you becomes the ~copy cat~. It's definitely original.



TBH I can't stop laughing at this "asPAIRagus it's just...so good. All you need to do is wear green and maybe a little hat, then you're good to go


Florence And The Machine

This one is a little more obscure, but still cool! Sure, there isn't a specific machine that Florence identifies with, you you can do with anything!


Atoms Family

Science? Pop Culture? Great outfits? This costume has it all, TBH. It's a pretty great pun and would make a GREAT costume to try with an entire group of friends.


Spice Girls

HA! They are girls...wearing spices! Perfect. This can work as a duo or with a group. Pick your favorite spice and you're good to go. I think I would choose cinnamon, BTW.


Black-Eyed Peas

This is a cute and super simple EYE-dea (HA! The puns never stop). All you need is a plain black shirt to write a "p" on, and then use black eyeliner on your eye to make it black.


Ceiling Fans

This is cute and simple, and you can do it with your whole squad if you want! All you need is a cheerleader outfit and a shirt that says "ceiling." It's that easy!


Deviled Eggs

This is another cute and super simple DIY. You and your BFF can just wear white dresses, add a piece of yellow felt for the yolk and then add some devil horns. You're good to go!


Taco Belle

I am upset that I didn't think about this one first, TBH! It can be done as a couple or with your BFF and I think it's so incredibly clever!


Fantasy Football

Grab a jersey and anything magical to pull off this easy DIY costume. You might look like a wizard sports fan, but that's still a cool costume.


Oh Deer/Holy Cow/ Pigs In A Blanket

This is the ultimate pun costume for you and your BFFs. They are super easy to pull off and everyone will be trying to guess what you are. My personal favorite is the pigs in a blanket, since you get to be in a cozy blanket all night.


Smarty Pants

This is also a cute and clever idea: put smarties on your pants. It is super cheap and simple, and you can snack on that smarties throughout the night!


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