7 Guys Reveal What They Really Think About Your Vagina

If you are a person who has a vagina, chances are good that, at some point or another, you’ve experienced some insecurity regarding said vagina. You know, those stray thoughts telling you that your vagina doesn’t look right, or smell right, or feel right, somehow, that you just can’t shake. (Of course, these thoughts aren’t even really “stray,” given that they have been placed their strategically by some marketing executives whose mission in life is to make people feel insecure. But that is a discussion for another time!) So, I feel comfortable assuming that many vagina-having people will be interested in this Reddit thread in which a girl asked guys how much the “look” of a vagina impacts their attraction to a person.

Now, before we get into this, I am going to be real with you: It is difficult to find a straight man who has good things to say about vaginas without devolving into some self-congratulatory diatribe about how they are the only man on this good earth who really knows how to see a vagina as the beautiful, delicate flower that it is. (Because, you know, it isn’t a flower. It’s just a vagina.) Because of this, there are a lot of potentially eye roll-worthy responses in here. Still, it can be pretty useful to learn about.So, check out what (some) guys have to say about how they feel about vaginas. And, just so you know, in general? They’re pretty into them:


They Don't Care

Someone who, for whatever reason, deleted their username, said, "I have seen vaginas of all types. Meaty ones, puffy ones, tiny ones, ones with a lot of flaps. Never cared what they looked like. I just held their hand, fingers locked as I ate them out, fingering them with the free hand." Did he need to describe certain vaginas as "meaty?" No. Did he need to go into a lot of detail about what, exactly, he does when he goes down on a person with a vagina? Absolutely not. Still, it seems that the point is that it doesn't really matter what's going on down there.

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Cleanliness Is More Important

One thing that guys generally tend to agree on, vagina-wise, is that cleanliness is pretty important. CaptnSave-A-Ho said, "Cleanliness is by far the biggest factor for going down on a woman. Aesthetics don't really make huge difference and are not even close to a deal breaker."

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Just Keep It Clean!

I mean, cleanliness is probably pretty important for you, too. So, just try to think about whether or not you would be comfortable getting up close with your own vagina in its current state. Letsdoitsometime said, " My checklist: Am I attracted to her? Is she clean down there?" Basically, just do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and try to shower before hooking up with someone.

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Just Know What's Going On Down There

One thing that could put off a guy, asesthetically, is if there seem to be any visual signs of poor health. edwardrotik said, "The only visual that will put me off is signs of illness. Coloration sure isn't a problem, nor is the shape/size/ protrusion of labia. Sometimes I'm iffy if there's ingrown hairs right where I'll be working, but that's not because of how it looks." So, take this as a good reason to get acquanted with your body and check out your own vagina from time to time. If something seems amiss, and something feels amiss, too, try to go see a doctor.

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They Know It's Not Going To Look Like It Does In Porn

Nopain-Nosupersaiyan said, "It's never affected me. It's all just skin, who cares?" Technically, this is true! They then continued, saying, "The porn industry, that's who cares. They've brainwashed a lot of people into believing that all vaginas should be pink and cute with tiny labia and a teeny tiny clit. That's all a bunch of bull s**t though." I have been saying this forever! Porn, and the desire to consume it, is not inherently evil, but its treatment of women and their bodies certainly can be. Find yourself a guy--like Reddit user "Nopain-Nosupersaiyan," apparently--who knows how differentiate between porn and reality.

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It's Fine No Matter What

Most guys, uh, really don't care. welilekdkdii said, "Male here. I mean this in the best possible way: I really do not understand why women worry about what their genitals look like. They're all great and sexually attractive. The woman is a whole package, anyway, in terms of attraction. I really can't imagine caring what a woman's vagina looked like." This is super patronizing--the bodies of girls and women are pretty much always under scrutiny, so it's totally understandable why women are self-conscious about one of the most intimate parts of their bodies--but the takeaway is useful enough. Guys don't care! They're just happy to be there.

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It's NBD

Seriously. Guys don't care. Europaenceladus said, "Labia size, coloration, etc. is all good. I've seen it all. Women worry about that more than men. Are there preferences? Possibly. The same goes for every aspect of your body. Maybe we would like it if you had green eyes a little more than blue eyes. Maybe some of us like a 34 C more than a D cup...and so on." Everyone has preferences, obviously, but if someone makes you so aware of their preferences that it makes you feel awkward, let 'em go.

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Were you surprised by any of these things? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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