15 Signs Your Jeans Don’t Actually Fit

People complain about it being a challenge to find bras and bathing suits that fit, but I would also like to bring jeans into the equation. I’m not saying that finding the right size bra or swimsuit isn’t difficult. I’ve tried on enough bikinis and ridiculously padded bras to know that it’s an uphill battle. But jeans? For something that’s a staple in many of our wardrobes, they can be difficult AF to get a pair that fits.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re tall, petite, curvy, pear-shaped, or you have an athletic build. You will probably agree that going into the change room with a mountain full of jeans can still result in you walking out empty-handed. And just when you think your jeans fit, you will discover that they don’t actually fit as well as they did in the store. Le sigh.

To prevent you wasting your money and potentially suffering from some awkward wardrobe mishaps,  click through to see 15 signs that your jeans don’t actually fit.

There Is Pulling Happening At The Crotch

Remember when whiskering on jeans was a major trend? It was meant to look like your jeans were pulling. That was already a questionable fashion choice, so we don't need our jeans to actually pull. When they start pulling, you're actually see awkward folds and sometimes rips. Additionally, you'll probably have the zipper issue from above.

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The Crotch Doesn't Stay Where It Belongs

The crotch of your jeans should actually be near your crotch. If you're ending up with an exaggerated drop crotch when you're not wearing your pants low, there's probably something up with the waist of your jeans. Sometimes a belt can solve the issue, but you might actually be better off looking for another pair of jeans.

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The Butt Sags

Ugh, saggy butt. Not only does it ruin that pert booty look, it also just feels weird. When you're trying jeans on in the store, make sure you do a check at your backside before you buy them.

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The Zipper Pulls Open Awkwardly At The Top

Do you have a pair of pants where the zipper will do up then awhile later the top will have an inch or so exposed? And do you have to deal with people constantly telling you your fly is open even though it's technically not? This could be a sign of bad craftsmanship, but it could also be a sign that your jeans are too small hence why the zipper is being pulled open.

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The Back Of The Knees Sag

Back of the knees sagging just might be as bad as butt sagging. No one wants to be able to grab a handful of loose fabric around their knees when they're wearing skinny jeans. If you seem to have the issue no matter what jeans you try, you can try switching to jeggings. If all else fails, you could try taking your favorite skinnies to a tailor.

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It Feels Like Your Jeans Are Giving You A Wedgie

Unless you bought the type of jeans that are meant to give you a wedgie (yes, they do exist), you should not be feeling this way. If you feel fabric going up your backside or even your front, put the jeans back. Clearly, there are fit issues.

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The Hems Drag When You Walk

Yeah, I know that extra-long jean hems used to be a trend. And I know that frayed hems are currently super trendy, but those aren't excuses for you to be wearing a pair of jeans that drag when you walk. They're actually dangerous and they look sloppy. Not to mention that no one wants the hems of their jeans to be sweeping the dirt and who knows what else off of the sidewalk. Ick.

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You Bought One Size Smaller Because They Told You They Would Stretch

If any sales associate tries to tell you this, even if they are a "denim expert," proceed with caution. Why? Most people don't make it passed the stretching out phase because they cannot get the jeans on. What's more, the jeans might stretch out but not in the right places. Or, they might not stretch out enough. And there is the issue of your jeans probably shrinking back to their original shape after they're washed.

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You Have To Suck In To Do Up Your Jeans

FYI: You should not have to suck in to do up any of your pants. You might be able to get them on, but what happens when you start breathing normally again? Even if you don't pop a button or split the back of the jeans, they won't feel comfortable. And if you think it's bad standing, just you wait until you sit down.

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You Cannot Bend Over In Them

Do you refuse to bend over in your jeans because you know that something *ahem, your butt* will come popping out? It could mean that you've fallen victim to super low-rise jeans and that they don't actually fit properly. The right pair of jeans will allow you to bend over with revealing everything.

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You Can Shove At Least One Fist In The Waistband

It's good to find a pair of comfortable jeans, but you don't want them to be so comfortable that you could fit a fanny pack or your lunch in there. A good tip is that you should be able to get a couple of fingers easily down the waistband of your jeans.

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It Takes Five Minutes To Get Them Up Your Thighs

Sorry, but putting on jeans should not take anywhere as long as it takes to do up a lace-up corset. Your jeans shouldn't take that much longer to pull on than your sweatpants. If you have to lie on the bed and inch those skinnies up each thigh then use a hanger to do them up, you need to consider getting a pair that you can actually get in and out of quickly.

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The Waistband Pinches Your Hips

There is a difference between form-fitting clothes and jeans that are so tight that they cut off your circulation and/or squish your organs. If you find that your jeans are pushing your skin up to produce the lovely-sounding muffin top, try going up a size. Your stomach will thank you.

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You Feel Your Jeans Sagging As You Walk

Do your jeans sit properly at your waist when you put them on? But do you find them slipping down as you walk or the longer you wear them? Something is up, girl. Your jeans could be stretched out from wearing them a lot. Try giving them a wash and see if that helps reshape them.

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You Have Difficulty Bending Your Knees

New flash: If you're having difficulty bending your knees in your jeans, it's not because of the fabric. Chances are it's because the jeans aren't fitting properly. If you feel that your range of motion is severely restricted, it's probably because your jeans are too tight.

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What are your tips for finding jeans that fit? Let us know in the comments!

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