7 Of The Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen During Sex

If you have ever had sex before–or have had a conversation with a human person who has had sex IRL—you will know that, a lot of the time, sex can be pretty awkward. There are the bodily fluids, the limb coordination, and the general awkwardness that comes from being very close to another human body. Because of this, pretty much everyone has at least one story about something awkward that has happened to them during sex. Recently, I found this Reddit thread that someone started on the most embarrassing sex-related things that have happened to people. They started off the thread themselves, saying:

I was just in the grocery store and in the discount basket I see a KY Duration spray for men marked down from $26.00 to $6.50. So I decide “what the hell” and head to the self checkout to check out. Well of course when I scan it the original price pops up instead of the discounted price. Well I’m cheap and I figure I’m sure as hell not paying full price so I call the attendant over thinking she will just fix the price. Nope she needs to hold it out so everyone can see and then voids the order. Then she walks me to customer service so another worker gets to see that I have a premature ejaculation problem. This lady is really professional about it and hides it in the bag so everyone behind me can’t see. This is when I make a joke asking her “is there a more embarrassing product I could have scan incorrectly.” She turned red and started laughing and I told her not to sweat it.
To add insult to injury, as walk out the security alarm goes off. I look over at her laughing and she points and says “get the hell out!”

That is, indeed, pretty embarrassing! And, to be perfectly honest, it could happen to just about anyone. In fact, many other similar things have happened to other people, and, fortunately for us, they decided to share it in the thread. So, check out some of the most embarrassing sex-related things that could ever happen:

A Farting Party

Ever had a bit of a, um, bowel slip-up during sex? You're not the only one! Ace-a-nova said, "My girlfriend and I were having sex in her parents house, her room of course, and we had to be very quiet because her parents were asleep in the next room. Around 10 minutes in, she farts. And it's the loudest sound I think the house has ever heard. She got very embarrassed and was about to get off. Her face was red and her eyes were teary. I calmed her down and we quietly laughed it off. We continued but she was clearly not in to it. So I forced a fart out to make it kinda even. She burst out laughing and rolled off of me. I laughed too. Then we hear her parents laughing too. I almost ran 30 miles to my house."

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Parents Found The Lube

Don't want your parents to know that you're having sex? Just tell them that you're masturbating a lot. And maybe don't leave lube lying around. SexEdmucatedHooker said,  "As an 18 year old girl living with my conservative parents, sex was a big no-no. They knew I had a boyfriend though. I had a car, but I shared the car with my dad. So one time my bf and I have sex in the car, and we used lube. When we finished we left the lube in the back seat. The next day my dad comes into my room telling me that he found something in my car. And very sternly said he doesn't want me to be doing anything with BF. I could only think of 1 thing to save my ass: 'I was masturbating.' He was speechless for a moment. Hugged me, told me he put the thing in the trunk. And we never spoke of it again."

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Mom Walked In (But She Brought Snacks!)

Ever had a parent walk in on you mid-hookup? If so, you'll know it can be...awkward. Di-chan asid, "Rather tame but I'll still tell. When my SO visited me for the first time ever (we're long distance) we decided to make out because horny teens. We go at it, kissing, touching and all that jazz. Suddenly my mom knocks on the door and walks right in (she never waits after a knock) with a plate of freshly made Piroshki. She wanted him to try them so much. And I'm sure she saw what we were doing but didn't say anything ever. Thanks, mom. The Piroshki were delicious though." At least they got a snack!

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Car Hookup Gone Wrong

Also, maybe don't hook up with people in public? Sexitthrowaway said, "Just the other day my girl and I were driving to her place. She started getting a little frisky and gave me a hand job while driving. We started looking for a place to park so she could give me head, and we eventually parked in this okay spot beside a school (it was the weekend). So I'm on watch, but started to get really into it and zone out, when suddenly I look up and this kid who must be around 16 is walking in front of the car and looking, and suddenly he realized what was happening and got this horrified look on his face. Then we made eye contact and it was just the worst."

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Interrupted Public Hookup

Seriously. Don't have sex outside. MisterVA50 said that their most embarrassing sex moment happened when they were "hiking in the mountains of southern CA. She always gets worked up in the sun, we started messing around in a secluded spot off the trail. Started to go at it missionary and she started bucking her hips like never before... I thought I was doing great. A minute or so later she throws me off, stands up and starts scratching her ass. She'd laid down on a trail of fire ants and had multiple bites. Needless to say, I was always on the bottom whenever we got it on outside since then." Understandable!

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Dad Can't Forget What He Overheard

If your parents hear you hooking up with someone, most of them will be kind enough to never mention it. Others, uh, not so much. Soptune-mannen said, "My dad heard me losing my virginity. Still reminds me of that every so often." I'm glad they're, um, close?

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A Spice That Won't Fade

Don't hook up with someone after eating spicy food. CatfishBilly3000 said, "Things were getting hot and heavy with my SO and I started getting handsy down below. One minute later she screams, 'Holy shit! 'runs to the bathroom, and flushed her vagina for 10 minutes... I forgot we had made guacamole earlier and habanero juices do not come off easily." Let this be a reminder to ALWAYS make your partner wash their hands before doing anything down there!

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