7 Signs You’re Too Obsessed With Your Crush

I will be the first to admit that I used to be an obsessive person with my crushes. In high school, I would wait by their lockers for what felt like years to get them to notice me. In reality, it was probably only 15 minutes, but whatever. I would reroute my entire walk to school just to walk past one guys house. It was… a lot. I went to great lengths to get people to notice me. And, sometimes, it worked! But other times, I felt myself being a little creepy.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with your crush, but you should never go too out of your way to get on their radar. I know that we all do this, but if it starts to interfere with your daily life, you might be a little too obsessed. It’s okay, it’s not the end of the world, but it’s important that you take a step back and reevaluate your crush every once in a while. Our friends at SuperDrug recently did a study on what might creep out your crush when you’re trying to get them to notice you. They asked a list of 1000 men what would be the creepiest or worst crush behaviors.  TBH, I did a lot of these things in high school. Looking back on it, I should have chilled out a bit. If you think you might be a little too into your crush, check out these little sings that you’re too obsessed. 

You Try To Log Into Their Social Media Accounts

This is a little too excessive, guys.  I know you might want to try to log onto your crush's account to see if they are talking to anyone else, but that's a serious invasion of privacy. According to the SuperDrug survey, on a scale of one to 10, trying to log into your crush's account is a six on the creepiness factor. Just...don't do it!

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You Track Their Location

Honestly, this has gotten super easy in the age of oversharing on social media. I mean, with Snapchat, you can literally see where a person is at all times. It's okay to ~browse~ your SnapMap, but checking it constantly to see where your crush is can be a little much. According to the same study, men agreed that tracking locations is a big no no.

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You Ask Their Friend For More Info About Them

This isn't horrible, since it's pretty normal for you to want to know more about a person you're crushing on. But if you're constantly pushing their friend for info about your crush, it can not only be annoying, but will make you seem a little stalker-ish.  You should get to know your crush on your own time, not through someone else.

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You Post Things Online So They Will See It

TBH, I think we are ALL guilty of this. It's not a horrible thing to post things to try to get your crush to notice. In fact, sometimes it works! But you don't want to cater every single post to your crush. Social media is for you, not for impressing other people, as silly as that sounds. You don't want to come off as someone you're not!

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You Check Their Social Media Many Times A Day

We all have the natural desire to check up on our crush. It happens! But it can turn into a little bit of a chore. Sure, it's okay to check their Instagram or Facebook every once in a while, but don't make it a thing you're doing every 10 minutes. You need to let them live, and let yourself live too.

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You Send Multiple Messages

Okay, I don't like telling people not to double message their crush, since it's not a huge deal. On the other hand, if they read your message and don't respond, so then you message them again, you might be coming on a little too strong.

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You Find Their Number Without Their Permission

It can be sort of creepy to get someones phone number through someone else. It's not the end of the world, but they might not like their number just being shared around like that. If you want their number, you should ask them yourself. On a scale of one to 10, guys thought that getting their number from someone else was a 5.4 on the creepiness factor.

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