16 Creative DIY Bunny Costumes For Halloween That Will Make You Look Cute AF

I’m not sure when bunnies became such a sex symbol, but I’m *assuming* it happened right around the same time Playboy started using the term to refer to their models (don’t quote me on that!). Today, a bunny costume is one of those “basic” sexy Halloween costumes that you’re guaranteed to see someone in at least once every year. It’s on the same level as a sexy cat, sexy cop, and a sexy nerd, which means that it can have some negative connotations around it. But I’ll be real with you: no matter how basic a bunny costume is, I still think they’re pretty cute!

One of the biggest advantages to a bunny costume is that they’re so easy to put together. The makeup is easy to do, even if you’re a beginner, but all you really need is a pair of bunny ears, which are sold everywhere. If you want to be a ~sexy bunny~ you can throw on some lingerie. If you want to be a ~cute bunny~ just wear, like, all black or all white. It’s simple and fast, which is sometimes ideal when it comes to finding a Halloween costume. But you have more options than the ones I just mentioned! There are lots of ways to dress as a bunny this Halloween, if you choose to do that, so keep an open mind. Check out these creative bunny costume ideas and start brainstorming:

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